Stupid Mom Moments

Just like there are 'blonde moments' and 'senior moments' I suffer from 'mom moments.'  A mom moment can be defined as kind of a moment of mental fatigue caused by too much stress caused by caring for children that in turn can cause you to do something really stupid. Here is a run-down of my stupidest mom moments that I have experienced in the last few weeks since I have had my fourth child. Mom Moment #1 – I went to the store and bought groceries. I brought the groceries out in the shopping cart and parked the shopping cart in the adjacent parking lot. As I was buckling the kids in another car pulled up and wanted to use the parking place. I was kind and moved my shopping cart out of the way. Then I got in the car and drove away leaving about $150 worth of groceries free for the taking in the parking lot. Luckily one of the store managers was around so by the time I remembered I was able to recover all of my groceries. Mom Moment #2 – I am a bit long sighted so to read medicine bottles I take my glasses off and shove them up on my head to read the fine print.  The other day after feeding my twins their daily dose of vitamins I spent hours looking for my classes, swearing and accusing every one in the family (including the dog and cat) of hiding them until I realized they were on top of my head. Mom Moment #3 – While trying to dress my daughter up in her outfit for pre-school the twins starting acting up. After I took care of them I quickly put on her coat and shoes, because we were in a big hurry. Once we got to school I realized she was the only girl there wearing only a tee-shirt and tights and no skirt. Mom Moment #4 – After a long evening of attending to colicky babies and a little girl having nightmares I discovered I had put my blow-dryer away in the kitchen drawer and my hand blender away in the bathroom vanity drawers. Mom Moment #5 – One day I was so sleep deprived that I forgot the names of my sister's kids and kept calling them the name of my own kids instead. This of course made me look incredibly thoughtless. Mom Moment #6 — The phone rang the other day and instead of saying 'Hello, how are you?'  I said 'How are woo?'  After so many days of talking only to people less than six years old, I forgot how to speak English. Mom Moment #7 – When my husband tapped me on the shoulder the other night inquiring gently if there was any sexual activity to be had I got mixed up and called him the name of my pediatrician.  Thank goodness he is not the suspicious type. One day I will get more than three hours of sleep in a row and all this nonsense will stop.