Surviving Long Car Rides With An Infant

Taking a long car ride with a baby can be a challenge. However there are ways to make a long trip easier on both you and the infant.

First off, make a promise to yourself that you will not be racing in a disorganized upsetting fashion just to get the trip over with so you and the baby can relax. Instead make frequent stops so you can get out and stretch your legs, go to the bathroom and relax a bit. It is also nice to give the baby a bit of fresh air and take him or her for a little stroll near the car.

If the child is older than play a little game of some sort to tire the baby out during one of your pitstops. However be careful what you feed the baby to avoid upset stomachs and accidents.

If you have a child that bores easily then it is a good idea to bring along toys and books that you can reveal every now and then. If you have a trip of five hours then go to the Dollar store and buy four new surprises that you can reveal to the baby so that he or she is always amused.

If your budget is bigger then get a portable DVD player. All kids love to watch television. Simply put a great DVD in the player and then bring it along on any road trip. Most babies love watching their favorite DVD again and again.

Many babies are very entertained by music. Play a little children's music and even sing along to keep the little tyke amused.

You also might want to consider timing you're driving so that the majority of the time spent in the care is during when the baby might want to take a nap.

If you are really lucky you might have one of those babies that just fall asleep once a car starts moving. If you are one of those people you are really fortunate.

Are you breast feeding and worried about how and when you will be able to feed the babies or how you will save your breast milk? Technology comes to the rescue again. You can now make car adapters for breast pumps. This means you can pump your breast milk and put in a bottle and continue driving onwards if you must.

Remember it is better to take your time when you travel with a baby. It is imperative that you stay organized and do things right just simply because you are carrying such precious cargo.