The Beatles Bed Time CDs

By now you have probably heard of the new Beatles CDs that are putting kids to sleep. These CDs are really popular because parents can really relate to the music. It is better than that weird new age stuff or goopy kids stuff that is too nonsensical to deal with. This is now classic music that is traditional, beautiful and well composed. Even though it was part of pop culture, Beatles music really does have other applications – such as putting cranky babies to sleep! It can put a cranky mommy to sleep too, especially one that has been putting up with a colicky baby all night.

There is a series of soothing CDs put out called the Bedtime with the Beatles Series which has been used for a couple of years to put babies down so they can sleep all night. This CD is getting great word of mouse by moms who are reviewing it too. It is selling like hotcakes on Amazon.

It is the ultimate collection of soothing contemporary music for modern mommies who do not want to play their babies the usual sweet and sugary musical numbers. There is no giant purple dinosaur or groups of puppets singing in nerdy voices. Suddenly mom can have her dignity in the bedroom again and not be driven crazy by men in yellow turtlenecks singing in endless rhymes.

The point is that when you choose the Beatles you are choosing bedtime music that mom can enjoy too. Also there is a whole series of these CDs. There are all sorts of choices to lull them to sleep. Yoko Ono and Michael Jackson must have Okayed the copyright! There are a lot of tunes in this series of recordings of the Beatles most famous tunes including Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday and I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Don't think that this is like the Beatle's version of Muzak because its not. Although the music has that electronic edge it is more New Age than anything. It has an almost sacred sound even though it is just old Beatles hits. It is a wonderful CD for carrying babies into a state of sleepy contentment and bliss.

Of course all of the music on here is redone and it is all instrumental so don't expect any of those familiar vocals from Lennon or Paul McCartney. However this does not mean that you cannot sing along to put your kid to sleep. Chances are you will be able to make your favorite Beatles tune into a lullaby.

Even though it is Rock n' Roll, mothers who use this music claim that it really does work to put babies (and tired breastfeeding moms) to sleep. The other big rumor out about his CD is that it cures colic. Perhaps it is just simply the right bouncing rhythm to get babies suffering from dyspepsia out of their discomfort.