The First Date for A Single Mom

It is best to organize a date with someone once you feel confident in your own skin and also confident in the boundaries that you have set with the father or mother of your child (if he or she is still alive.)

If someone feels right and meets your criteria then it is okay for either sex to organize the first date. Trust your intuition and move forward if someone feels right and if you feel like you have choices and are in control.

Although it seems cheap and easy to entertain someone in your home the best thing you can do is agree to meet away from home.

The first reason for doing this has to do with your own safety. This is especially true if it is a blind date or you have met the person online. Meet in a well-lit public place, preferably a restaurant, use your own transport to and from the venue and tell at least one person where you are; agree to call them when your date is finished as a safety measure.

You can meet day or night; just make sure that you have a 'way out' as long if the date does not work out for some reason. More people who are compatible online become quite disappointed with each other once they meet online.
Secondly, you want to put your kid's feelings before your own. It is traumatic for children to see adults wandering and out of their lives especially after a divorce or a death.

It is better to slowly immerse your date into your children's lives once you have his or her word that they are going to stick by you and disappoint by taking off, being unfaithful or changing their minds.

As boring as it sounds you should not have sex on the first date, no matter how much Spring Fever is a factor!It sounds prudish but it is a good policy. The problem with sex is that it colors our judgment of someone. If the sex is good it becomes hard to judge the person effectively. Many of us will sacrifice everything to be with the person we love, and unfortunately that sometimes means that we are tempted to sacrifice the best interests of our children.

How long should you wait? Depending on the dating expert you should wait anywhere from three to twelve dates before even considering getting intimate with someone you are expecting to spend the rest of your life with.