Trendy Maternity Underwear

If you are pregnant you are probably thinking that you are doomed to wearing really large plus sized underwear. This is not true. Not so long ago maternity underwear had a high waist and low thigh cut. However this is not that unfashionable any more thanks to modern trends that actually celebrate the more staid types of underwear. Many celebrities, including Madonna, have been seen sporting these old fashioned grandma type underwear styles which largely look like a pair of underwear for a very fat lady.
If you are pregnant it is best to avoid underwear that is called Slim n Lift or Spanks. These elasticized garments are basically full body girdles and they cut off too much of your circulation and that is not good for your baby. You may tempt to wear this because it slenderizes the upper body but it is not a good idea.
Just because you are pregnant does one mean you do not have to be sexy. You can also get fantastic lingerie sleep wear that is done in stretchy lycras. This type of undergarment comes down far enough so that the midriff is covered. You can be one cool momma wearing leopard skin Lycra.
For just casual wear boy shorts are in. Fruit in the Loom has been specialized in making these in bright vivid colors and stripes. The stretchy cotton easily expands along with your belly.
Of course when it comes to Maternity underwear you want to think about comfort and also functionality. This is especially true of nursing bras but it can also be true of underwear. In terms of underwear you want to make sure that there are no seams or elastic in front to press into the belly. There should also be a front panel of fabric that nestles comfortably underneath the belly. You also might want to make sure the underwear is big enough that it creates a wide soft support band around the belly.
It is also crucial that there should be generous leg openings that don't creep up and that the soft leg bindings that gently sty put all day,
If you are on a budget you might also want to make sure that the underwear that you choose will be able to be worn once you are done with your pregnancy. In other words it must be made to fit non-pregnant, non nursing women too.
The thing about maternity underwear is that it is sized to your pre pregnancy size. It is not a great idea to order it so that it is extra large or you will end up with underwear that is way too big. It is also not a good idea to wear thong underwear as you can catch an infection. Bladder and vaginal infections can cause stillbirths in babies.