Water Based Cleaners are Best

I have a kid with asthma and because of that I tend to want to use water based cleaner. This is because stuff like Lysol, Febreze and Windex makes my kid wheeze. To tell you quite frankly I get headaches when I use this kind of stuff too.

If you are environmentally sensitive like my kids and I are then you need not despair. There are options for you.

Most of these water-based cleaners are inexpensive and homes.

For an inexpensive odor remover, mix baking soda in water and saturate the area where the spill has occurred. Let stand a few minutes, then blot with paper towels and allow to air dry. This is good for pet stains.

For fresh bloodstains, try soaking the area thoroughly first with super cold water. Avoid warm or hot water, which can set the proteins in the blood and make it permanant. It can also help to rub an ice cube over the stain, then rinse with cold water and clean or launder the item.

Hydrogen peroxide followed by a rinse with water is one of the best ways to remove bloodstains. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the stained area, letting it bubble. Repeat this until stain is gone. Follow this scrubbing up by dabbing the area with water, then letting it dry. Or if the bloodstain is on clothing, launder it after first treating it with the hydrogen followed by the cold water rinse. Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxides has a limited shelf life; you may need to replace your bottle annually for it to be effective.

You can also try the 'milk cure' for bloodstains. Pour some milk over the bloodstain to loosen the blood, and then blot it up. Then give the item or the area on the rug a good rinse with water.

Yet another cold water cure for stains is to mix cornstarch and water into a paste, then apply it to the stained rug or fabric. Rinse with cool water and blot dry. Afterwards, use a brush or vacuum to remove the remaining cornstarch.

Some people have also had some success mixing meat-tenderizing crystals with cold water, and then apply this paste to the area. Let stand for an hour, then rinse in cool water.

Yet another homemade formula for cleaning urine and other organic messes: mix equal parts water and white vinegar with a couple squirts of gentle dishwashing soap. I find this gets most things out – even protein based stains sometimes.

Remember that when it comes to stains like urine that rubbing with ammonia sometimes works, but remember that ammonia smells somewhat like urine to animals, so your pet may try to mark on the spot. That is also why I like alternatives like baking soda and water. It just does not reek. Ammonia of course can smell up your house for days, even if it does get that bloodstain out of the carpet.