Ways to Bond With Your Teenage Daughter

Do you want to get to know your daughter a bit better? Taking the indirect approach is a good idea. Here are some ways to become closer friends with her.

It increases your child's self-esteem if she can teach you something. Ask your teen to teach you how to produce an online photo gallery or a blog. Most teens today were raised in the digital age and can do this type of thing better than you can.

Yet another way to bond is to start reading the same book and discuss it. This is both an intellectual and intimate pursuit.
Yet another good idea is to take a trip together somewhere. Let your teenage girl drive. This is perfect for the teen with a new driver’s license. The destination could be anywhere, but venturing out to visit the family homestead or another fun spot of your teen’s choosing would fit the bill for an afternoon of bonding. It could be as simple as regular practice sessions in the country or on city streets so that your son or daughter can perfect his or her driving skills.

You could also consider biking together or going on a camping trip together.

A weekend getaway or a day spa treatment provides the necessary elements of relaxation and pampering to put mom and daughter into the right frame of mind for serious bonding.

Most female teens are quite self-conscious about their body so it is a great idea to suggest that the two of you work out together. Not only will having a fitness buddy for emotional and inspirational support keep you both motivated to attend classes, but it will ensure a regular and long-lasting commitment to building a close relationship. Think of all the shopping you can do afterward.

Another neat thing to do is make a family scrapbook. This helps kick the nostalgia between you into high gear which of course is very bonding. Let her be creative as possible when scrapbooking. This is also a great way to introduce her to your family history.
Another way to bond with each other is to bake cookies together. It sounds cliché but it has worked for mothers and daughters for aeons. Choosing recipes is just as fun as doing the baking itself!
If you do this you help your teen build a strong sense of self which also helps them fight things like peer pressure.