Ways to Hypnotize Yourself to Sleep

As a busy working mom I really don’t have time for insomnia!Have you ever had trouble falling asleep? If you frequently wake right up at night and can’t get back to seep you are about to get a crash course in what causes it and how to deal with it.


Here’s a little secret. Counting sheep does not work. This is because envisioning them jumping over the fence or over the fence is not that relaxing.If you’re mind is racing and all you hear is your thoughts is ‘My Mother in law hates me …’you might try visualizing a screen.


For instance if your inner voice is saying something negative in our head you can stop, replay the thought in your head and then say very slowly –
Mmmmmyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmoooooother iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn lawwwwww hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttesss meeeeeeeee …..


You can replay the above phrase over and over again in your mind until it fades completely.
Another method for stopping repetitive thoughts and making them disappear is to-do the following
My mother-in-law hates me
My mother-in-law hates….
My mother –in- law…
My mother…
My …
M …


This method is very effective for two reasons –


1. Itgive you something else to concentrate on rather than the content of the thought.

2. It puts focus on your mind which will drive your thoughts into a positive direction and preventing them from racing around everywhere


As you try to do this you will notice a little resistance from your mind from time to time. Simply apply the same technique to them over and over again.This technique works well if you are very visual person. If your mind is racing you can visualize your thoughts as if they were being written on a black chalkboard at the same time.Whenever a new thought arrive visualize yourself slowly wiping it off the chalk board so it is completely blank. Just take a big mental eraser to it and get rid of it.


If you are having one of those nights where you just can’t find the comfortable part of the bed then you need to know that it is not really the result of you being uncomfortable. It is the result of not feeling relaxed.\


On deeper feeling your body wants youth o relax but most of the item you interpret the message as needing to feel more comfortable in bed. True relaxation comes from within you and has to be triggered by your inner thought process.


The key is to learn how to get your mind of the subject so you can feel more relaxed. As you lay there for about fifteen seconds you will be shocked at how the urge to toss and turn simply fades and you realize that all you want to do is relax. Understand that if you start to toss and turn that it will not end with one toss of turn. You will create a momentum of movement that could last until dawn.


If you must move around in bed o it really slowly. Remember what it feels like when you wake up in the morning and you feel very sleepy. When you move real slowly put big bright smile on your face a take a deep breath. That should help prevent the agitation of waking yourself up at night.