Weight Loss and Dehydration Danger!

I made a big mistake the other day. I figured I would take some of those hoodia weight loss pills. I should have really paid attention to the directions before a popped it.
Who knew that natural weight loss can cause dehydration? I accidentally made myself pretty sick. I got horribly thirsty, nauseas and dizzy because I did not get enough water into me.
The herbal weight loss formula I took also had green tea powder or green tea extract added into them. There is a reason why they call powdered green tea gunpowder! Green tea is known as healthy for you but it is also a very powerful diuretic and you can lose more water with it than you can imagine.
Still people drink a lot of it thinking that they are hydrating themselves when in reality they are turning their organs and brains into prunes.. Drinking too much tea of any kind is cleansing for the kidneys at first but if you overload them you are in trouble.
One way to play it safe if you have to take this stuff is to drink more water than you think you can possibly stand to drink. Even if you do not feel thirsty you should force yourself to drink as much water as you can. That way you do not risk drying your body out and you can detoxify and lose weight the right way.
I have a warning to mothers. Never be tempted to give your child any kind of diet supplement. Even if it is just green tea. Your child could become seriously dehydrated. Also, if you see your teenage child taking any kind of dietary supplement that suppresses their thirst you should immediately remove the product from their body-conscious little grip! Teenage girls are really into these supplements which are the equivalent of taking speed for them. The ephedra in some of them can make their little hearts race and even give them a heart attack.
You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day and even more if you are a larger person. Many weight loss experts recommend drinking half of your weight in ounces each day in order to stay healthy. So if your kid is 80 pounds he or she should be drinking about 40 ounces of water a day. This can be five glasses of water or juice a day.
Be sure that both you and your child take water before, during and after all exercise and especially if you are planning strenuous exercising. Ten to fourteen ounces a day are the recommended fluid doses before you any kind of athletic activity. This is important to ward off any post work out fatigue and symptoms like sore muscles or excessive thirst