What Exactly is An Acai Berry?

It's the flu and cold season coming up and my kids are going to come home with all kinds of bugs. Thankfully I have found that new tropical superfruit called the Acai berry. You have probably already heard of it unless you are living in a cave. It's being touted as the healthiest fruit on earth.

The Acai Berry is a tiny round purple berry and in fact it really is a 'magic bullet' when it comes to healing infections, colds, etc. It is a tiny round fruit that is blackish to purple in color. It is like a large seed with a layer of fruity fresh. You can eat the entire berry which is very high and fiber.

The Acai berry is grown in Brazil and is harvested by local people so you are supporting native cultures if you by it. A single palm tree sprouts three to seven bunches of the berries at a time in big clumps.

The reason it is a superfood is because it has s ten times the antioxidants of grapes, which means it keeps your immune system and arteries super healthy… The Acai berry is chock full of omega fats, amino acids, protein, electrolytes and Vitamins A, B1 and E. It is a nutritional powerhouse. I am hiding them in my kid's cereal and oatmeal to protect them from sickness.

Native Amazon people have traditional used the Acai Berry as a treatment for digestive problems, skin irritations and even insomnia. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. For diabetics the Acai Berry is perfect because it is naturally low in sugar which means it can be eaten as a sweet treat, practically guilt free.

Acai is also often referred to as a diet super food also helps you digest food better. It is good for kids who get nervous at school and get upset tummies. It is also increases your metabolism and helps you quickly burn fats so it is good for losing weight… It also is detoxifying and fights cancer – which is good for everybody.

When it comes to weight loss this berry gives you greater strength so you can exercise longer and your kids can play longer and be better at competitive sports. It helps build lean muscles and fights against inflammation and arthritis. It also accelerates your metabolism and aids the digestion process. It also reduces belly bloat which helps mommy look sexy.

In general it is thought to increase your energy, your resistance to disease and help you to sleep. No wonder it is called a superfood.