When Mom Needs a Time Out

Its not just kids that are bad. Sometimes mom gets cranky so she needs a time out. Kids do not tell Mom to take a time out. She tells herself it is time to go. However she does not sit in the corner. Instead she treats herself to a time out in spa or overnight at a hotel.

The reason time outs are so important for moms is that if she is not happy then nothing can go smoothly. Sometimes the pressure of being a mom is too much and for the good of everybody she needs to a bit of escaping. She does not have to do it often. Maybe a time out is only necessary every three to six months. It really does depend on the individual and how much is going on in life. After all it is extremely important for Mom not to neglect to take care of herself. That is because it is her role to provide a safe stable home environment. If you have sole custody and your ex-husband lives far away, you play both roles of Mom and Dad. It can be very draining financially and physically.

Mom desperately needs a separate identity and life from her children or she will talk in baby talk all day. When your children are adolescents it is not as hard as they don't want as much to do with you anyway. They may even spend a lot of time avoiding you.

Although having children is a blessing you also need a break from them every now and then. If you can't take a big break then you might want to make sure you have a hobby you would like to be involved in. You might also want to make sure you link up regularly with friends. It also helps to get a babysitter or get your mom to watch the kids and go on a day trip every now and then. Visit places that you have always wanted to go to.

You have to put yourself first every once and a while as that is really essential, to remaining a healthy, stable person.

Personally I like to get a sitter for a night and a day and check into a nearby hotel. It is just downtown and the hotel has a spa. If something happens to the kids I am only about twenty minutes away. I try to time my escapes during times in my life when other people, like their Dad, are around to take care of the children. I never take a time out when a c held is sick or in a crisis. That is not the point.

If I am really stressed but can't get away I lock my bedroom door and take a nap. Or I take a long relaxing bath with the door locked. Taking just a few hours every now and then to myself does wonders fro my mood which of course always results in better behavior from the children.