Why Newly Single Moms Should Not Isolate

If you break up, are single and feel overwhelmed you should get out of your rut and start dating. One of the benefits of dating is meeting new people. Even if you do not end up falling head over heels in love this is one way to start socializing with adults again.

Even if you date a few people and find out that he or she is not the one there are still all kinds of positive things that can come out of the experience.

Single moms often make the 'little people' in their life their whole world. This is not to imply that your children are not good company. It's just that some moms spend so much time talking to their infants only that they only talk in baby talk. Furthermore spending too much time with children only, as much as they love you, can result in a kind of a dumping down where your world becomes 'safe' yet full of references to things that relate to children only.

Dating can be a lot of fun. Not only can you discuss current events and adult topics but you can go to a fancy restaurant, see interesting movies, go to the beach and explore a hobby with someone special.

Many single parents are bitter because almost always they have been left holding the bag without enough support and also feeling like they can't trust anyone again.

When you get up the courage to date you are given a chance to rebuild the social network that you may have lost when you became newly single.

Yet another bonus to dating is that it teaches your kids to be independent and make new friends too. It is not healthy for you and your kids to 'live in your own little world' and not socialize after a break up because it becomes impossible to develop social skills.\

Meeting any new people under any circumstance is quite simply just good for you. The date does not have to lead to a relationship but it can lead to a new friendship. It can also help alleviate feelings of loneliness that you may have as the result of being left to raise kids alone.
Dating new people can also help you trust the opposite sex again, especially if your relationship did not go that well.

Of course if the date does work out over time you could end up developing sexual intimacy with the individual, which of course, is very healing.

It is also not a good idea to make the new relationship 'all about your kids.' Most people who would date a single mom already take this for granted so you do not have to stress it while you are actually flirting, dating or trying to create intimacy with someone new!