Women and Shoulder Pain

Women tend to have more shoulder pain then men. That is because we are always slinging a purse over one shoulder that digs into our muscles. Some of us also get shoulder pain from slinging a heavy child around all day along with diaper bags, umbrellas and whatever else we need.

Few of us even notice our shoulders until they start to develop aches and pains. It is then that we realize how we subtly rely on the shoulders to accomplish movement in every kind of activity including golfing, swimming, driving, walking and eating. Shoulder motion is absolutely essential to all kinds of activities – everything from a push up, to carrying a purse to typing.
Anatomically shoulders can be described as a joint that connects the upper arm, collarbone and shoulder blade and it is this complexity of anatomy that makes them so important in order for us to stay fluid and functional in our movements. The joint actually interlocks with different types of sinews, bones, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, burses and soft tissues that define an entire muscular area that is known as the shoulder girdle.

Movement in the shoulder becomes painful or restricted when it is injured or a nerve is pinched in the neck. Muscle spasms, whiplash injuries, poor posture, reticulitis, bursitis, arthritis and referred pain from internal diseases also cause these problems.

You can also get shoulder pain from playing golf, tennis, cycling, washing the dishes – you name it!

Yet another reason this type of problem is so common for mothers is because we often sit at home offices made of a kitchen counter or table and a kitchen chair. Our home offices hardly ever come with a proper chair or other needed things.

People also often injure themselves by using their indoor exercise equipment incorrectly. This of course does not mean that you should avoid doing sports in order to avoid injury. It is quite simply a fact of life that it is difficult to get through life without sustaining some kind of sports or recreational injury.

Shoulder pain can be constant or it can come and go away. The pain can be dull or sharp and many people who have it suffer numbness in the area and restricted motion. With proper chiropractic treatment many cases of shoulder dysfunction can be treated without having you rely on painkillers or having to resort to surgery. Chiropractic treatment is probably your best bet because it will not make you so dopey you can't look after your children properly.