Wonder Drugs for A Tired Husband

It was not until relatively recent times that there were effective pharmaceutical based impotency treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction, However, such drugs are now widely available, and many millions of men all over the world are undoubtedly using them on a regular basis.
It is equally an undeniable fact that the modern pharmaceutical drugs that are used to reduce or remove the negative effects of impotency like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are effective for the majority of men who decide to use them, with a success rate that is generally believed to be around 65% to 70%.
in each case, it is necessary to take the drug a certain period of time before the anticipated sexual liaison takes place, and this can be as little as one hour before ‘things are to happen'. The effects of the drug can then be felt for a few hours afterwards, so you would only take the drug as and when necessary (although Cialis now have an ‘every day' version of their product as well).
It is therefore fair to say that all three drugs work extremely quickly, and that is a significant advantage that drug based impotence treatments have over the natural alternatives of which you will read later in this report.
All of these drugs are available by prescription only, but because there is an ever increasing online market for drug based impotency treatments, there are many places where you can obtain these drugs relatively easily on the net.
For example, use any of the major search engines for information about where you can ‘buy XYZ' (e.g. ‘buy Viagra') and you will find that there is absolutely no shortage of appropriate information available.
If the erectile dysfunction is still really bad and you want to be impregnanted by your husband then you might want to consider artificial insemination or some equivalent measure in order to get pregnant.
The fact is, every one of the three examples quoted above is a powerful pharmaceutical drug which inevitably means that there can be side-effects if you use any of these particular products. It is also a fact that for some men, these drugs could even be dangerous as is made clear by looking at the ‘safety information pages' from the official Viagra, Levitra and Cialis sites.
They also admit that they can cause unpleasant or even dangerous side-effects such as headaches, backache, stuffy or runny nose and even temporary blindness or deafness.
In effect, even the companies who make these drugs admit that if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or any one of a range of other medical conditions, these drugs are definitely not advisable for you.