Working During Pregnancy

The days when you were expected to quit your job once you found yourself pregnant are long over. Pregnant women are still very much part of the office landscape right up until their eighth month! Excellent health care has partly allowed this to happen but unfortunately necessity also has many mothers working well into their eighth month as well. We can thank the economic recession for that.
The fact is that most women experiencing low risk pregnancies can safely continue to work outside of the home. There is no reason to retreat from work or society unless your doctor tells you that you have a high risk pregnancy condition and need to take some time to yourself.
However if you job is physically demanding and if it requires repeated lifting, climbing, bending, stair climbing or a lot of standing it may not be good f or you. Shift work that keeps you off your sleep schedule is also not recommended if you are having a child. You should also not have any job that exposes you to toxins, radiation or other polluting substances. If you have any of these conditions in your life you need to quit your job, switch your job or ask for a job modification that will last for all or part of your pregnancy!
If you do have to work while pregnant there are some things that you can do to keep you and your fetus healthy. You should get up and move around as often as you can. Make sure you do this at least once every couple of hours. This is because sitting down for more than three hours at a stretch can lead to fluid being retained in your feet and legs. Strain in your lower back can also cause reduced blood flow to your baby and problems with your shoulder and back.
You might also want o make sure that you are sitting in way that comfortable for you while you are working at your desk. Place a pillow behind the small of your back and be sure to prop your feet up on a pillow. You should also make sure that you take regular breaks from typing if you work at a computer all day. This is because pregnant women are at increased risk of developing problems like carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress disorders.
You should also start dressing for comfort and not for style the minute that you know you are pregnant. This is no time to wear tight bras, uncomfortable suits or high heel shoes. You need to focus on comfort which means dressing in loose comfortable layers that can easily be removed because pregnant individuals often feel like they are overheating. This does not mean that you have to look unfashionable. There are all kinds of very fashionable looking clothes out there that make you seem not pregnant at all including low waited jeans and empire waited dresses.