Working Mommy Burn Out

Depression and burnout can creep up on a busy mom especially if she is a busy professional like a lawyer as well.  Most working moms have that stubborn Type A overachiever style of personality very few are willing to admit a weakness, such as exhaustion or depression. This is because most professionals are trained to at least impervious to any outside stress as well as to not stop pursuing a matter until it is concluded.

 Some moms on the experience a gradual worsening of symptoms and others are felled by it seemingly overnight with no warning. It really does depend on the individual and the types of stress they are under.  

Yet another insidious fact of life when it comes to depression and burnout is that not everybody experiences all of these symptoms. Some people may only find one sphere of their daily existence affected, such as their physical wellness and not appear to have problems in other areas such as work. However usually depression begins with physical symptoms that include disturbances in sleep, extreme weight gain or loss, excess snacking or no appetite, fatigue, lack of energy, loss of libido, digestive problems, headaches, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, inability to make a decision, imagining suicide, sadness, shame, guilt, irritability, emotional withdrawal, crying spells, restlessness, neglect of personal hygiene, inability to keep up and substance abuse. 

Burnout is a type of depression but the symptoms of fatigue, apathy and negativity are extreme. The person may be so tired that they may not be able to focus at all on work. They become overwhelmed by a loss of control over circumstances in life (such as a spouse leaving) or by being unable to meet deadlines. Ironically the last thing that some working moms on the verge of burnout are exhausted. 

Many use their Type A personalities to keep plugging on against great odds of success. In fact many who are actually burnt out seem to be incapable of cutting back on the number of hours they spend at work. Many people can't get out bed when they are burnt out. It is often accompanied by illness and an abuse of recreational drugs.  By the time a person is burnt out he or she is usually also worthy of a diagnosis of clinical depression. Some doctors will also diagnose this as chronic fatigue symptom. This individual needs to come out of self-imposed isolation and talk about problems.

A life coach can also help a person suffering from depression cope with inappropriate feelings of shame and know the difference between how one feels about reality and what is really going on. This can really help a depressed or burnt out depression gain perspective and strength and move on to reorganize their lives so that they feel more health.  Sometimes what is needed is a regiment of psychological or psychiatric treatment that may or may not include drugs to treat the exhaustion or depressive aspects.