Your Kids and Mercury Fillings

Chronic fatigue doctors and experts have been suspecting for years that chronic fatigue syndrome might actually be caused by mercury toxicity. Mercury toxicity symptoms are almost identical to chronic fatigue symptoms.
Mercury is a poison that is found in our soil water and food supply as well as sewage sludge, fungicides and pesticides. Many grains and seeds are treated with chlorine bleaches that also seep into the food supply and cause problems.
You might think that fish is a health food but a lot of mercury ends up in fish because it contaminates our waters. Mercury is also present in a wide variety of everyday products including cosmetics, dental fillings, fabric softeners, inks used by printers and tattooists, latex, some medications, some paints, plastics, polishes, solvents and wood preservatives.
Mercury is also a cumulative poison. There is no barrier that prohibits mercury from reaching brain cells and it can be retained in the pain center of the brain and in the central nervous system. This is where the link to chronic fatigue syndrome is evident because chronic fatigue sufferers are in a lot of mysterious pain that simply cannot be explained. Mysterious joint pain is known as the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia connection.
Mercury can also bind to immune cells distorting them and interfering with normal immune responses. This may be one factor behind autoimmune disorders. Many chronic fatigue doctors and chronic fatigue support groups do see chronic fatigue symptoms as being typical of an autoimmune disorder even though that has not really been proved.
Mercury toxicity can also cause the same symptoms as chronic fatigue syndrome including arthritis, depression, dermatitis, dizziness, fatigue, gum disease, hair loss, insomnia and other problems.
Signs of exposure also include behavioral changes, depression and irritability. These are the main symptoms that drive suffers of chronic fatigue to chronic fatigue support groups.
Chronic fatigue doctors also say that many food and environmental allergies that can cause the condition can be directly attributable to mercury poisoning.
However the biggest source of mercury in our bodies is 'silver fillings' which are not really silver at all (except in color) but instead are made of mercury. Many people who have suffered from chronic fatigue symptoms such as candida fungus, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue and recurring infections have had them mysteriously disappear within days of having these fillings removed from their mouth.
Recommended routes of treatment for this if you think it might be at the root of a chronic fatigue condition are removing mercury dental fillings and chelating therapy.