Your Teenager’s Acne

It can be heart breaking to see your teens suffer from acne. The low self-esteem it causes can be extreme. Teens, both – male and female are very sensitive about the way they look. Acne can be hard to get rid of and also leave scars. A good course of action is to prevent them from starting in the first place by taking some preventative measures.

Usually a bad case of acne starts with a blackhead. Your teen picks at this thinking it is a pore filled with dirt. This is an illusion Oil, dead cells and other substance block the pore and mix with bacteria and it is the exposure to air that turns it black. Once these become inflamed they turn into the angry red pustules we know as teenage acne. What it really amounts to being are a hole in the skin that can become inflamed.

Over time these inflamed pustules develop white heads and when these break they cause horrible scarring on the face. Many teens, especially girls find this quite disfiguring. Unfortunately covering up these scars with make up is also not such a hot idea. It can make the acne problem look even worse.

There are some acne home remedies you can try. Some are actually silly sounding but they do work. Some might worsen the condition. Common remedies include toothpaste, egg whites, ice, salt water, and steam, wheat germ and apple cider vinegar. Usually these ingredients are applied directly to the acne pustule in an attempt to shrink the inflammation.

Your teen's acne may also respond to Acutance. If it is you that has the acne keep in mind that you may not be pregnant while taking it. The same goes for a pregnant teen if you should, God forbid, happen to have one!

Sometimes it is just hormones. Birth control pills may be prescribed to a girl to help correct her acne in that case. Some teen girls break out in acne around their period just like we do. In adult acne incases the pustules almost always develop along with a severe case of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

There are also a lot of herbal remedies for acne. Herbs such as juniper, dandelion root, chamomile, lavender, bergamot, and burdock root can be used to reduce toxicity and improve the overall condition of the skin. Echinacea, pokeroot and red clover may aid us.

Witch hazel is a cheap medicine that can help dry up acne and it has excellent astringent properties.

If scarring is really bad you can get acne laser surgery. This can help clear it completely. Laser surgery is very safe and there is next to no risk of damaging the skin surrounding the scar. This is important as acne scars can affect a person's self-esteem for a very long time in life.