All About Baby Rattles

Sometimes when it comes to baby gifts things can get just a little bit too out of hand. I saw what can be only compared to something like that diamond bra that Victoria's secret puts out every year, only it was for kids. It was a diamond encrusted pacifier and it was on a site called Trend Hunter. According to the blogger on this site, this pacifier, is for sale for seventeen thousand dollars.
Just who is the manufacturer of this insane bling for baby. It is the well My Binky which is obviously trying to attract more wealthy sheiks, oil barons and Donald Trump types into its fold. Mr. Binky is also the manufacture of some very high quality baby pacifiers that come with differently styled nubs and plates. This reputable company has been in the pacifier business for years and they literally make a baby pacifier for every shape and size of a baby's mouth. The truth is that some baby's like a more bulbous pacifier nub while others are more comfortable with a longer flatter style. This company actually specializes in specifically designing these soothers so they do stay stuck securely between your infant's cherubic lips.
The rule of thumb for me has always been to buy a pacifier that will actually stay in the baby's mouth. Now this is exactly what worries me about this seventeen thousand dollar bling. What if it falls out of my baby's mouth and I lose it. It's not just a $2.99 pacifier. It's worth seventeen thousand dollars! Not even Tori Spelling has one of these for her babies!
So just exactly why is it worth the big bucks. Well first of all the pacifier features 278 pave cut white diamonds embedded in a 14K nickel free whit gold base. This is no memento for the mantelpiece. It also features a real silicone nipple and moving handle. These pacifiers can also be engraved with the baby's name, date of birth and birth weight. You could use it for real if you wanted to as all the parts are bona-fide. However I would be more inclined to shut it away in a safe somewhere until it was time to sell it so you could pay for the kid's college education.
One reason I am a bit against this type of bauble is that it teaches us a negative message about materialism. Just exactly who is this type of object important to? It is almost like this shiny object was exclusively invented with the hopes that P. Diddy or Paris Hilton would buy it. In fact it does look exactly like the kind of shiny expensive thing that would be hung on a solid platinum chain around the neck of either P. Diddy or Hilton.