All About Chronic Headaches

Over forty million people living in the United States today suffer from some type of recurring headache problem. Headaches are one of the plagues of our society and not every single headache is even reported so the problem is more widespread than we think!

It is a fact that one in six Americans suffers from one kind of headache or another every single day. This necessitates the use of pain medication or sleeping pills just to struggle through daily existence or to have a peaceful night's sleep.

Many of us take painkillers to handle headaches but unfortunately pain medication does not treat the root cause of chronic cases of head pain. Instead the pain killer is like a pacifier that only treats the symptoms temporarily. Before you know it the pain rebounds back with a vicious backlash!

The result is eventually a relentless and tedious cycle of dependency on pain killers –where every time you get a headache you have to take a pain killer to treat it. You then you end up with a rebound headache that occurs again once the medication wears right off.

One of the ways a person can get out of this habitual recurring 'pain loop' is chiropractic care. For many people chiropractic treatments are so effective that a person can stop taking pain pills altogether. Luckily chiropractic treatment is effective therapy for many types of headaches including muscle, tension, migraine, cluster, digestive, toxic and other types.

Desperate headache sufferers often seek chiropractic treatment as a very last resort and then are delighted to discover that as a result they achieve long lasting pain relief and even a cure for the condition. They then wonder why they did not just did not go to a chiropractor in the first place and save themselves a lot of money, time and effort.

The reason that chiropractic treatment works so well on headaches is because we have found from experience that many kinds of headaches are associated with misaligned vertebras that pinch spinal nerves. A chiropractor can also determine the cause of your headache and what type of postures you might be adopting during your daily routine that make it worse.

Perhaps one of the worst things about headache pain is that it is so demoralizing. The physical pain and misery and the unending anxiety that the pain will never go away depresses even the most optimistic of sufferers. It can leave some people in bed for days and the lack of normal living, exercise and sunshine then makes the problem even worse!