Avoiding Toxic Nail Polish

If you have a teenager chances are she is really into wearing nail polish, especially the wild hues that are so fashionable nowadays. This is okay except I get very concerned about the inhalation of fumes from the nail polish and also from the nail polish remover, nail polish wipes or anything else she might be using to make her hands more artistic looking. I am also concerned about what happens if she decides to chew on her nails. Everyone knows that nail polish is highly carcinogenic and that the fumes from it can make disease symptoms worse.
You most certainly should not be wearing nail polish if you have any allergies or environmental sensitivities at all. Just a whiff of nail polish or acetone can make some people very ill.
For years the Environmental Protection Agency has been warning us about the toxic dangers of using nail polish as they are essentially nothing more than vials of poison. Nail salons are hotbeds of toxic fumes and some cities, like San Francisco, are doing entire overhauls of their salon industries in an attempt to keep the pollution from running these businesses under control,
As an individual you can help the environment by not wearing nail polish at all or by wearing water based nail polishes. There are all kinds of companies that make water based nail polishes now including a good one called Aquarelle.
A quality non toxic nail polish does not smell and actually helps hydrate your nails. As it is not really a varnish this type of polish does not yellow or peel. It is more like a coating for your nails.
Organic nail polishes are more chalky in consistency. They are more like paint. A quality organic nail polish is also non flammable and does not contain formaldehyde, phthalates or petrochemical solvents of any kind. In fact some of these nail polishes are considered to be so wholesome and pure that they actually qualify as being vegan. This means that if your teenager gets the idea that she is going to start chewing her painted nails she is not going to be poisoned by them.
Just because an ecologically correct nail product is non toxic it does not mean that it has to be stuffy. Water based nail polish is available in all kinds of colors from lime green to scarlet to outrageous pinks. The dyes that are used are usually a little more organic.
Water based nail polish brands also come with their own types of nail polish removers that are not full of acetone and other toxic paint thinners. Although they are sometimes not as glossy in appearance as regular nail polishes they do have a nice matte effect that is very sophisticated once it is on the nails. Organic nail polish also is often quite thick so that you get the best coverage possible of the entire nail.