Back to School Items to Be Had For Cheaper

If you are looking for a while to save money this fall then try cutting back on what you spend on school supplies. Your kid will always have some kind of advice for you on what they think you should buy but if you need to save money then you should do a bit of homework of your own before you start spending. In fact you will soon find that there are some things you do not need to buy.

For instance, many kids want a whole new set of pencils, crayons or markers when they still have perfectly good set left over from last year. Check their old schoolbags and the closets to see if they have a full set; items like this do not have to be replaced every school year.

When it comes to pens all you really need is a blue and black ink. Do not splurge on a full set of color pens as most teachers do not allow tests or essays to be written in red, green, pink or any other colors at all.

Other items that you may not need to replace are calculators, tape, scissors and pencil cases. Usually this stuff is in a desk or in last year's b ask-to-school backpack. If they must have a new pencil case keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to buy one. You can recycle another type of zippered pouch, like an old make up case and use it as a pencil case as well.

You probably don't have to buy your kid yet another novelty pencil sharpener. These sharpeners can be cute and colorful but no kid really needs one. This is because most classrooms are equipped with their own pencil sharpeners.

Your kid might also be asking for a new 'back-to-school' wardrobe. This is not a mandatory rule; it is a tradition invented by clothing stores. Be sure to search through their closets and see what still fits and what still can be worn. If your kid wants something new show them a way that they can wear the jacket or shirt so it looks new. This also treats them to be creative and thrifty when it comes to shopping for clothes when they are older.

The only time you need to buy your kid a new lunchbox is if they have somehow outgrown it. You do not want your kid to be carrying one that has graphics that can be too young for it.