Bogus Excess Sweating Cures

If you are a mom like me you sweat a lot. I am also sweating because I am an older mommy who is entering perimenopause in her thirties. I also have a teenage son who has quite a sweating problem. He smells and his tennis shoes are genuinely slimy. We have to leave them outdoors to air out.

Desperate for a cure I researched 'how to stop sweating' on the internet. Of course I ordered a bunch of things. I can't' tell you the number of times I ordered a sweating cure only to find out that it was a total scam. I decided to stop 'sweating the sweating cure' and look for more natural cures for this common hygiene problem.

Some of these 'how to stop sweating '' products are downright unhealthy for you and do things like clog your pores or make your underarms itch and smell. Some of these how to stop sweating cures are also very expensive and chances are that if you have not heard of them before that they are not very good at all.

The bottom line is that if you are curious about how to stop sweating you should really get checked out by your doctor. There could be a medical reason for your excessive underarm perspiration and the sweating cure could involve medical intervention. The condition of excessive sweating is actually medically referred to as axillary hyperhidrosis.

Most people feel compelled to look for how to stop sweating information when they notice that their complexion is always shiny or their hands are always slick with sweat. Another tell-tale sign of excessive sweating is large perspiration stains under the arms. The expense of dry cleaning and ruined clothes is usually what compels most people to research how to stop sweating. For me it was just sheer disgust.

If you are curious about how stop sweating so much many naturopaths recommend wearing looser clothes that are made of cotton or silk. Dieticians would advise you on how to stop sweating by recommending that you cut down on caffeine, alcohol and hot and spicy foods. These are not sweating cures but they can help lessen the severity of the symptoms.
In general you should use some common sense when researching the topic of how to stop sweating. This is because there is no magic cure for this problem. However excessive sweating can be managed naturally and without toxic chemicals.