Bogus Yeast Infection Cures

You are especially prone to getting yeast infections after you have a pregnancy so I thought it would be worthwhile to write about it for a change.
First of all you need to know that the advice you get on the internet after typing in a search such as 'home remedy – yeast infection' is not always the right advice.
I typed these keywords 'home remedy – yeast infection' into Google and the very first thing that popped up was one of the most dangerous cures for this condition that exists – using BORIC ACID.
Boric acid is a poison that does not belong in your home. Yet you can find home remedies that advise inserting this in your vagina.
Yet another cure I kept seeing was to go on these intolerably long fasts that involved drinking only water and lemon or certain types of juices. As someone who is a little bit familiar with the way the human body works (because I am a medical researcher) I cannot begin to tell you how unhealthy these food deprivation diets are.
The principle behind starving yourself every day is to try and not feed the yeast cells in your body but the problem is that you end up starving YOU as well. Some of these 'yeast elimination' diets have calorie intake rates on them that are so low that NO human being could stick to them for more than a day or two.
By now you can probably tell that I am speaking from very hard won experience.
Of course as I was once a chronic sufferer of these terrible infections you can imagine that I was all over the internet always looking for an alternative to the antibiotics that were causing me to be trapped in a treadmill of antibiotic use and recurrent pain.
In fact, you could say I was just like you.
Now being a medical researcher I knew that doing things like inserting boric acid in your vagina or starving yourself and surviving on only liquids to 'rinse' yeast out of your body was very bad for you. However I could not help but think of all of those women out there who do not know this was bad for you and how much they must be suffering as a result.
Also did you know that going on a juicing fast is also a terrible idea? This is because juices contain sugars that can feed yeast colonies the same way that sugar can.
I guess what I am trying to say here is that you have to be very careful when it comes to seeking out alternative or natural cures as they might not be so good for your yeast infection either.
I can't stress this enough. In order to get rid of yeast infections you need to wipe out the root cause for good.