Cheap Airline Tickets For Moms

 If you are a mom you need to save as much money as possible. Using the air miles offered credit cards are one way of getting cheap airline tickets. However there are also other ways. 

Here is the big secret to getting cheaper travel. Airlines are delighted to serve you if you have to travel on a fixed date in the next seven days.  That’s because they figure you’re a business traveler who will pay full fare, even if that means dishng out twice as much money as you normally would.

You can’t beat the system every time, but some of the tactics that leisure travelers use to find discounts can increase your odds of landing a reasonable fare.  

One way to beat the system is to fly out of an alternative airport.  This airport might be a 30 to 45 minute drive from your preferred airport but the trouble may be worth it. For example, flying into Baltimore instead of Washington, D.C., or into Oakland instead of San Francisco can save you up to 50%  in the price of an air flight. 

See if your destination has a similar alternative by using one of the many discount airfare sites that are out there.  Some of the fare comparison sites, such as, will search for alternative airports automatically once you type your destination and preferred times of flying into their data base. 

Sites offering comparison-shopping engines can dramatically speed the process, though they may miss some fares and turn up others with unsuitable restrictions.  There is not much need to surf several fare comparison sites simply because they all get their information from the same big database. So the bargains that you will find on any of them will basically be the same. 

The big clue here is to not waste time surfing them all as you are looking at duplicate information. It might seem that other websites have better bargains but that is because the information about rates times and taxes etc. might be configured a bit differently. If you have flexibility on one of your travel dates, consider including a Saturday stay.

Although some airlines are experimenting with doing away with this practice, most tend to reserve the lowest fares for itineraries that include a Saturday night stay.  By booking your travel in this way you can save as much to 50%. If you can’t change your dates, consider changing your flight times. Most travel sites have an “anytime” option for your preferred flight times, and that might turn up cheaper flights at less popular times of the day. Or, you might consider trying to book your travel on  auction or discount sites such as 

However if you don't like uncertainty these methods are for you. You won’t know your precise flight time or airline until after you purchase your ticket.  This is the only drawback if you are trying to hustle a ton of kids to the airport. There is nothing worse than a bored kid standing around in an airport!