Even Moms Need Time Management

Mommies need time management. Every mommy needs s to understand how time works and how you perceive it and use it impacts your life. Only then will you be able to 'grasp the tiger by the tail' and have time at your mercy and not the other way around.

In a nutshell, time management is a method of organizing your time so that you can progress in life and not spin your wheels when it comes to getting things done. Each decision that you make when you practice time management is useful, constructive and helps you build your future.

If you feel like you are slipping backwards in life or like you are at the mercy of your kids then you are not practicing time management. You are practicing crisis management and simply getting through each day. This book was written to teach you how to get back a sense of control.

If you are not good at time management you can stay stuck in the past for months. Your priorities slide. You can even forget important things like getting your child inoculated on time or meeting with a teacher.

Quite simply, if you do not get your act together when it comes to being a working mom you can accidentally end up hurting both yourself and your kids. It may be take years for the results to show but if you do not set goals and make To Do lists then you could end up without.

A good example of how procrastination can hurt your child is the example of the mother who does not start an educational college fund of some sort for their child. When it is time for a post secondary school education this can sometimes mean that the child will not be able to go at all as the parent's procrastination has resulted in a lack of availability of funds.

Many time management experts compare the art of time management to putting together a picture puzzle. If you put the pieces together wrong you will end up with the wrong picture. You will be stressed and overwhelmed because your life is not working. You will feel like you are at the mercy of others or like you are always working towards goals that have nothing to do with what you really want in life. You are in full catastrophe management, spending your time fixing problem after problem in an effort to cope with life.

You should be living life and not just coping with it.

When the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is your life mesh nicely together you can reach your goals faster and avoid stressing yourself and your family out.

Furthermore your family will also respect you more because an organized mother is one that seems more in control and authoritative.