Even More About Nutrition

Here are some more myths about nutrition that you might find interesting.

Many of us are paying more to eat organic produce. However if you don’t eat organic, you’re not missing out. Some organic crops that are grown have been tested, and some have higher levels of vitamin C, a little bit more magnesium, some have high levels of antioxidants than conventionally-grown crops but most of them are not that nutritious. What IS important that you eat more fruits and veggies, no matter how they were farmed.

Another myth is that diet pop is better for you than regular pop. If you have to drink pop it’s better to drink diet pop, because you’re not getting the 10 teaspoons of sugar that come in a regular can. T he phosphoric acid in all colas can negatively affect bone density.

Another myth is that alcohol helps you sleep. Having a glass of wine in a bubble bath to relax before bed seems like a good idea, but don’t be surprised if you end up tossing and turning later in bed. Many studies have shown that using alcohol as a sleep aid will help you sleep soundly at first, but can lead to poor sleep quality, repeatedly waking up from your sleep, sometimes to nightmares. If you drink alcohol, try to keep it to the early evening and avoid going overboard.

Yet another lie I grew up with is that skipping meals can help you lose weight. This actually hurts your metabolism. The best way to chow down without packing on the pounds is to eat a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two snacks during the day if you can fit them in.

Another myth is that vegetarians are healthier than carnivores. you are a vegetarian that follows a well-balanced diet and you’re getting everything you need, certainly research does suggest that vegetarian populations do experience better health in terms of heart health, lower cancer rates and healthier weight. However any vegetarian that is not replacing the lost animal protein in his or her life will be unhealthier.

Another belief is that you have to take vitamins to stay healthy. Studies show us that most people do not even digest vitamin pills and we simply eliminate them whole from our bodies. Most people benefit from a Vitamin D supplement and maybe calcium if they are not getting enough nutrition from their diet. It is ALWAYS best to get the nutrition you need from food sources.