Feng Shui For Kid’s Rooms

Lately I have been interested in the art of Feng Shui. This is the fine art of furniture placement and according to Asian lore it can help affect the health of your children.

Your children can benefit from Feng Shui as well. There are no special Feng Shui workshops for this type of thing, so here are some Feng Shui secrets for keeping them happy, healthy and in a state of general, overall positivity.

More than any other rooms in the home the children's bedrooms and playrooms need to be clean, safe, secure, well-lit and well-organized. This brings in the good chi. Don't let any dirt lurk in corners or under the bed as it is not good for the child's health or psychological state. Also when organizing stay away from sharp pointy metal mesh storage units as they bring harsh and forbidding energy into the room.

In the children's playroom or bedroom try to only have furniture that is rounded at the corners. Round tables are best. Fortunately a lot of children's furniture is already sold this way so finding it is not the issue. The reason this is good Feng Shui is because hard corners and edges symbolize Shar Chi which is 'sharp, cutting energy.' For the same reason you should remeove all sharp, cutting objects like scissor or carts with pointy edges to keep your children feeling secure.

If you want your children to do well in school consider hanging wind chimes near their desk. Metal wind chimes help clear bad energy Make sure too that the desk is made of wood or plastic and not glass as this symbolizes harmful shar chi for children as well. The main thing about feng shui living is that it should never encourage the harsh bad energy known as 'poison arrows.'

The worst color to paint a child's room is white because it is a color that symbolizes death in Asian countries. It is also not that practical as it gets dirty easy. The best colors for a child's room are reds, greens, blues and yellow. Orange is also recommended as it is a very happy color.

To make sure that your child always feels safe and guided by your presence even if you are not there then be sure to place a picture of yourself near the door, by the child's bed or on the East wall. Placing pictures of other family members such as Grandpa and Grandma on the East Wall is also a good idea.

If your child is a baby consider getting them a rotating glass lamp or one of those Fisher Price Aquariums that rotates different colored light on the wall. This is recommended because the Feng Shui superstition is that whirling or rotating lights can keep bad spirits away and also dispel negative chi in a room. Yet another purpose of this is to keep the child entertained and mesmerized so that he or she can fall asleep. You don't need a number of feng shui consultations to tell you why this works so well. In fact the Fisher Price Aquarium is such an excellent creator of positive Chi many adults have wished they could have one for their own room!