Garlic Helps Kids Stay Healthy

My mother used to call garlic 'Russian penicillin' and there are now studies that say that she was completely right to say that!
There are many foods that have antibacterial or antioxidant qualities such as ginger, but of all of these foods, the one of the most beneficial effects is garlic. Of all of the potential benefits of increasing the amount of garlic you consume every day, the most widely known and well documented is the fact that garlic is an extremely powerful natural antibacterial and antibiotic agent.
According to a study carried out at Wright State University, garlic is approximately 1% of the strength of penicillin which makes it a notable natural antibiotic.
It is also antibacterial which is of course particularly relevant to someone who suffers from boils caused by staphylococcus bacteria, meaning that eating additional garlic on a daily basis can help to build up your body's resistance to the bacteria that causes your boils.
At the same time however because garlic is an entirely natural substance which is known to boost digestion, it is far less likely to attack beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract than chemical-based antibiotics would be.
Furthermore, because garlic is also a powerful antioxidant, this again helps to boost your immune system as it helps to prevent the oxidization of other cells in your body. Antioxidants are most commonly referred to as agents that help to combat the effect of potentially harmful free radicals that are often indicated in the onset of cancer, but antioxidants also help to boost your immune system as well.
There is some evidence to suggest that stronger garlic, often more mature varieties that have more pungent sulphur smell than younger garlic has more beneficial effects than the less ‘smelly' versions that may some have some truth to it. Hence, older, more mature garlic may be the best type to include in your diet but any garlic is better than none.
Some people will perhaps be concerned about the well known fact that garlic consumption can make your breath smell afterwards but this should not be allowed to deter you from including garlic in your daily regimen as you can buy garlic capsules and/or tablets that allow you to consume garlic whilst still remaining odor free.
You shouldn't have any problem getting your kids to eat garlic if you cleverly disguise it in spaghetti sauce or mild curry sauces. You can also grate it into a hamburger or lightly over a salad. Keep in mind that if your kid thinks it tastes strong it probably is …they have more developed taste buds than we do.