Getting A Baby to Suckle

Getting A Baby to Suckle
A newborn that seems to be fussing and unable to enjoy eating may have troubles or issues around food later in life. The baby could become a picky eater or simply have bad associations with eating and end up being underweight.

It is essential that your baby “latch” on to the breast and learn how to suckle as part of a routine that teaches him or her to have a positive attitude towards food.

The basis of breastfeeding is getting the baby to latch on well. A baby who latches on well gets milk well. A baby who latches on poorly has more difficulty getting milk and therefore will be hungrier and gain less weight.

A baby that feels secure and comfortable in your arms has a better chance of getting optimum nutrition from breast feeding.

Try rocking the baby in your arms or sitting in a rocking chair. Support your back and arms with a pillow or necessary so that both of you feel stable and are not shifting around.

There are quite a few other ways you can convince your baby to suckle even if he or she is reluctant:
• Give your baby lots of attention and skin-to-skin contact
• Nurse without a bra
• Nurse the baby when he or she is sleepy. You will be more successful if you feed while he or she is drifting off or just starting to wake up
• Minimize distractions by nursing in a dark quiet room

Studies have also shown that having the two of you in the same room at night can also create a bond that makes feeding at the breast more relaxing and positive for the child.

If you are having trouble getting your baby to latch on you can also get a consultation with a lactation expert. Do not be afraid to get this advice. Most maternity and neo-natal care departments have a lactation expert on staff to specifically help women who have issues with breastfeeding.

And remember — If you are feeding your baby with a bottle be sure that all water you prepare formulas with is absolutely sterile. Giving your baby bad water can be fatal.

Do not try to force your baby to eat according to your schedule. It is simply not going to happen! For a healthy baby be sure to feed him or her when hungry. Feed your baby on demand!