Gift Games For Kids

If kids are bored during the holidays get them playing some games. A good on is the 'What's in the Box Game.'
This gift has layer and layers of wrapping paper but who will be the lucky person to unwrap the last layer and win the gift! This hot potato style of game has variations that can make each unwrapping entertaining.
In the basic version you wrap a gift or gifts if several groups in several layers of wrapping paper. The number of layers depends on how long you want the game to last, plus the more people the more layers.
Have everyone sit in a circle and give your group / groups a gift and tell them when you turn on the music to pass the gift in one direction and when you turn off the music who ever has the gift gets to remove ONE layer of wrapping paper.. The many layers are removed in this fashion until the last layer of paper is taken off and whoever has the gift unwrapped gets to keep it.
Yet another good game is Dice Doubles. This is an Unwrap the Gift Game. Announce that you are going to play a game where you unwrap a gift. Then after everyone is seated and ready to go place a set of oven mitts next to the gift. Now it gets a little harder!
Get a gift or gift certificate and place in a solid box. Then wrap the gift with paper, then masking tape, paper, masking tape, paper etc… The more layers, the harder the game will be to play and the more interesting.
Sit everyone in a circle and announce how the game is played.
Each player takes a turn at rolling 2 dice.
The first person to roll doubles goes to the center of the circle put on the oven mitts or gloves and then starts unwrapping the gift with their hands. They cannot use their teeth or any other part of their body. While the person is working on trying to unwrap the gift, the dice continue to be rolled and passed until the next person rolls the dice and yells, 'Stop!'
At that point the person in the middle must put down the gift, take off the oven mitts/gloves and return to their seat. The next person now puts on the mitts and works to unwrap the gift.
The dice rolling and unwrapping continues until someone finally gets through all the layers of wrapping paper and tape and holds up the gift. Then the gift is theirs to keep.
In a variation you can make it a little harder by making the players wear a hat, scarf and gloves. It can also be made a little harder by only allowing players to change places every time double sixes or ones are rolled.