Introducing A Sitter to Your Kids

You can be pleased with your babysitter and your sitter can be pleased with you but things are not going to work out well unless your kids get along with the babysitter as well.

Whether you have hired a babysitter 'on the fly' or from an agency, you absolutely must spend some time introducing the children to their new friend. Introduce your pets to the babysitter as well. You can find the babysitter of your dreams but he or she is not going stay if feeling attacked or disliked by the kids and the dog.

It is also important that you do not blindside your kids by leaving them in the care of someone they have not been introduced to. Even if your kids are asleep when it is time for the babysitter to arrive you should take care to introduce him or her so they are not startled at the sight of a stranger in the house if they do wake up later.

It is also important to give the babysitter a tour of the house showing him or her any area that you consider to be off-limits to either the sitter or the children.

You should also show the babysitter where to find emergency telephone numbers, the numbers of friends and neighbors and the number where you can be contacted. Leave this information in a prominent place such as on the refrigerator door.

Also make sure that the babysitter is aware of any medical conditions or allergies or quirks of any kind that your child might have. For instance if a child walks in his or her sleep or has nightmares this is a condition that he or she should be informed of.

If you do not want your babysitter to entertain visitors while you are gone then make sure you make that clear.

The purpose of this introduction is to familiarize the kids with the sitter and in turn familiarize the sitter with the routines of your household including snacks, chores, bedtime, homework and other activity.

Make it clear what is allowed and what is not allowed and outline how you discipline children. This communicates to the children that the babysitter is not someone to be taken advantage of.

It is also a good idea to let both the babysitter and the kids know when you will be home and then keep your promise. This builds trust between everyone!