More About Excess Sweating

Excessive sweating is an incredibly embarrassing social problem. In my own case it has stopped me from going on dates. I am sure the odor emanating from my son’s shoes has cost him more than a few dates.

As most people know it is not that easy to just ‘stop sweating.’ It is something that is beyond most people’s control. In the last blog I was talking a bit about my frustration to do with excessive sweating and how I was looking for a cure for that for myself and my son. It made me wonder why we sweat in the

When looking for a sweating cure most people look for the ability to stop the ‘wet feeling.’They also look for a sweating cure that has the ability to stop odor. Some people are so fed up with excessive sweating that they look for a drastic sweating cure (such as surgery) that will help them stop sweating once and for all.

Some people can’t stop sweating simply because they inherited the problem from their parents. Thanks for the unwanted genetic gift, mom and dd. The sweating cure for this type of perspiration is hard to find and sometimes all that is possible is management of the problem.

Most people are looking for a sweating cure for excessive sweating under the arms. Excessive sweating in the crotch area is another problem that often needs addressing. This type of sweating may have a different type of sweating cure than perspiration that occurs on other parts of the body.

Sometimes the sweating cure is to relax and take life less seriously. Studies have shown that people who don’t know how to stop sweating are often wound up and intense. much too intense. They tend to be nervous types who are very subconscious about how to stop sweating in the first place.

For most people the sweating cure is a prescription anti-perspirant. For others the sweating cure is simply a matter of masking the odor of the excessive sweating with a perfume. These are just band-aid type measures but they do work to control the problem for some people. Unfortunately there are very few things that you can actually do to stop yourself from looking too shiny.
Some medical experts say that the way to stop sweating is to meditate with mind to try and control the problem. Unfortunately this is not a very effective sweating cure for most individuals who could use a more practical solution. If you find it difficult to stop sweating you might have medical problem.