Orange Foods

If you have a picky kid he or she might want to eat only orange foods. My little girl loves pink foods at the moment but when she was younger she would only eat orange foods. This is not a bad thing because that yellow color means the food has a lot of Vitamin A.
Most kids like oranges. Just one small orange has 116 percent of all the Vitamin C that your kids need to get through the day. If your kid won't eat the orange straight then mellow it out a little by whipping orange pieces into Cool Whip or Whipped cream. Sometimes I can also fool the kid into thinking he or she is drinking Orange Crush by adding a little soda water to make the orange juice bubbly.
Another food that most kids love is cantaloupe but if not you can take ice, milk and frozen cantaloupe chunks and drop them into a blender. Whip it up into a froth and you have one the most amazing tasting and completely nutritious shakes that you could ever serve a growing human.
You can do the same with mangoes. Most kids love eating mangos raw but if not try freezing chunks so that they are like ice cubes and giving them to your kid to suck on. Mangoes are really healthy because they have folic acid and iron in them.
Carrots are good for your kid's eyes. Can't get them to eat the raw stuff? Try julienning them and sprinkling them with salt. If that doesn't work bake them into a carrot cake.
Squash is another nutritious food for kids but not a lot of kids will eat it. This is where Spaghetti Squash comes in hand. This type of squash is stringy and looks like strands of spaghetti. You serve that with their favorite spaghetti sauce on top and they are happy as clams.
Most kids won't eat sweet potatoes or yams if they are just sliced up on a plate. That is your cue to cut them up into French fries, spice them a little with pepper, salt and even a bit of chili pepper and pop them into the oven.
There are lots of orange flavored yogurts on the market. Yoplait makes an orange cream yogurt that kids love and that is full of calcium as well. The trick is that it tastes just like a creamsicle.