Pain Relief Without Drugs

Chronic pain and the wish to stop being so dependent on pain relievers is what sends many people to chiropractors. In fact, pain is the chief complaint of 80% of first time visitors to a chiropractor. Fortunately if there is one thing that chiropractic care is known for it is for relieving headaches, back pain, arm and shoulder pain, hip or leg pain, nerve pain and pain involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints with drugs!

Statistics show that U.S. citizens take about twenty billion aspirin each year for headaches. Millions of people take even stronger headache remedies that are prescribed by a doctor or sold over the counter. However for many users only temporary relief is provided and the pain comes back even worse than before. This is also known as rebound pain and rebound pain can become more excruciating over time as well.

There are also tons of pain relievers on the market for such problems as bursitis, sinusitis, backache and other ailments that never seem to go away for good. You should also not take medication over a long period of time as you can become addicted. Furthermore strong medications can cover up the root cause of the pain while at the same time doing nothing for the real cause of the pain. This type of approach to pain management can encourage a minor problem to become major and a one-time problem to become persistent. That is why the chief goal of a chiropractic doctor is to find the cause of the pain and manipulate the soft tissue, spine and nerve pathways so it goes away for good. This spares you the addiction and side effects of taking drugs to treat pain in the first place.

Chiropractic heals through tissue manipulations that encourage the body to do the job itself. Under normal circumstances the human body will take steps to correct any damage caused by injury or illness on its own without any help from doctor. However sometimes an injury or illness is too severe and the body needs help to do its job. Sometimes a person's normal healing responses are insufficient to meet the challenge and this is where a doctor, like a chiropractic doctor can be of assistance to nature. One of the theories of chiropractic healing is that the ability to recover is dependent on a patient's vitality, not on the doctor and that the chiropractor is there to gently nudge the nerves and tissues into healing themselves by manipulating them back into position or releasing blockages.

If you don't want your kids to always be turning to drugs for help this is one way to get around it.