Part Time Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant you are no longer stuck inside the house. You can still get a part-time job. Health care has been better than ever for people who are pregnant. You are not an invalid. Many women lead a wonderful professional life while at the same time carrying a child. In fact it is not unusual to find pregnant women supporting the stay at home dad nowadays!

However not all pregnant women go to an office. Many just work at home. This makes sense because it can help you avoid the stress of dealing with other people. You are not exposed to flu or any other types of viruses. You are also not required to do any heavy lifting. The best thing about working at home is that you can lie down whenever you want and be sick whenever you want.

If you are well educated you can try being a consultant. There are demands online for consultants in marketing, design, image, and pr and internet tech. Instead of being that particular business professional for a while you will teach the wanna-bes.

If you have any writing or design ability you can sell yourself on guru or elance. These two sites allow you to bid on jobs that you can do on the side. However be forewarned – the pay on these sites is very low because you are competing with outsourcers from other countries.

If you have good listening and communication skills you can consider getting a job as some kind of counselor. There are all kinds of sites where you can talk on chat or the phone and give advice. Examples are on and

You can also tutor at home or even online. There are now sites that offer online tutoring jobs. You can teach English to foreign students or immigrants this way as well. All you really need to complete a job like this is a secure internet connection.

If you are a good cook you can also consider creating and selling homemade goodies like cookies or cakes. The gourmet cupcake business is huge nowadays.
If you are a crafts person you might try selling cards, picture frames, beaded jewelry, t-shirts, candles – the list is endless. Figure out what you are talented at, make it and then sell it on eBay.

There are also jobs not in the online world that are okay for pregnant women. You can do any job that is sitting down. Being an operator or a receptionist is not a bad idea.