Single Parent Dating Tips for Moms

It is the single mom with children that can sometimes have the most problems dating because often they lack confidence. Many are alone simply because they have been with an immature or even abusive partner and it can be difficult to start again.
Here are some tips for single female parents for having successful dating experiences.

• Stop worrying about your kid's approval. They are likely not going to like seeing you try to date or who you are dating. Please yourself.

• Get someone other than your ex or a family member to babysit. This reduces judgment, gossip and problems with meddling loved ones.

• Stop worrying about your date's approval. You have to be yourself because if you are going to be in this for the long term, you will not be able to put an act on every day…

• Avoid experimenting with a hairstyle or doing anything risky with your appearance before a first date. Don't try too hard to impress others. Be yourself!

• Instead of making the conversation about yourself, ask questions about him. However do not get too personal or he will see you as an interrogator. This is also a good way to really get to know him.

• Talk about mature subjects. No baby talk. Talk about current events and things that truly interest you that have nothing to do with you or your children. This is how you can find out how much you have in common.

• If you talk about your children, be proud and mention their accomplishments only. However don't brag! If you make it sound like your kids are your entire life, your potential mate might think that you will have no room for him in his life.

• Take it easy during the date and go with the flow. Anything can happen and whatever happens does not make a big deal out of it. If you spill wine or end up at a bad restaurant, do not escalate anything into a drama. Men like women who are easy-going and positive.

• Don't be too much of a princess and do things like send your food back in the restaurant as men do not like finicky high maintenance women. Do your best not to talk about anything that can remotely be perceived as being neurotic.

• Never talk about your ex or any problems with exes and in particular do not compare your date with him or any male.

• Be sure to have a sense of humor about the date, both with him and your kids. This especially applies if the date did not go that well.
If you want to see the guy again then dates as many people as possible. Do not call him a lot and pester him for a second date. 'A date' does not mean you are together. Males tend to like women that they have to chase a bit, even if they are saddled with two jobs and five kids!