Do You Have a Fire Safety Plan?

During the formative years of your child it is important to bear in mind fire safety in his her bedroom. To this end here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Avoid synthetics. That goes for everything from toys to clothing to decor. Synthetics burn faster, hotter and produce much higher quantities of toxic fumes than natural materials.

First and foremost consult with your local hardware store to acquire as class 'A' fire retardant paint. This will help stop the spread of fire on the wall surfaces. Also avoid the use of carpet, they are all synthetic in nature and produce copious amounts of toxic gases under fire conditions. Natural hard-wood floors are preferred.

The baby’s clothing is also important to consider. Choose natural cotton fibers and avoid synthetics. Synthetic fibers will actually melt and fuse to the skin under fire conditions.

Keep plastic toys outside the baby’s bedroom for this same reason. In general make certain that anything in the baby’s room is made of natural fiber or wood.

Install inter-connected smoke alarms with one in your baby’s room and one every else. The current fire code requires one working smoke alarm on each level of the home and one outside each sleeping area. However, there is no such thing as too many smoke alarms.

Have interconnected smoke alarms. That means that if one goes off they all go off. They make these in a wireless format now and they are CSA listed and inexpensive. This doubles the effectiveness of your safety plan.

I know this sounds mundane and repetitive but PRACTICE A HOME ESCAPE PLAN! Have two ways out of every room, have a plan about who mom is going to get and who dad is going to get, how you will get out and where you will meet in the event of a fire.

If bedrooms are on the second floor consider rope ladders as means of escape. Make sure your windows open to allow you to get out. Train your children to leave pets and toys and just get out.

Unless you live in an urban core you must realize this…… it will take the fire department seven minutes to arrive…… you have three minutes to get out.

Plan, plan, plan, practice, practice, practice. The key is early fire detection, a well planned escape route, a meeting place and a way to survive.

The Best Parenting Magazines

Sometimes it can feel pretty lonely being a parent, especially if you live on a street where there are not a lot of other mothers. This is where subscribing to parenting magazines can be quite valuable.

One good magazine to subscribe to is American Baby Magazine. This is a complete reference for new parents that covers all aspects of child care including infant and toddler care. The magazine also has articles and ads about kid fashions, new products and accessories. American Baby Magazine puts out an issue a month.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine which comes out ten times a year is a magazine that caters to people with kids aged three to twelve. It is a monthly suggestion book that helps families to plan to do things together.

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine helps moms with their health from conception through to baby's first year. It puts out four issues a year and has helped many moms have a healthy pregnancy.

Hybrid Mom Magazine is for the busy working mom. It is for the lady who is a community worker, teacher and entrepreneur. It puts out four issues a year which is a bit disappointing. I guess they are too busy being working moms to put out twelve issues a year, but we wish they would. It is a great little magazine that caters to today's lifestyle.

KIWI's mission is to help parents raise their kids safely with the best nutrition possible. The magazine is full of family wellness tips as well as ideas as to where to go on vacations. It also has education and craft projects in it that help teach your kids environmental principles and social responsibility.
Parent and Child Magazine is another classic. They put out eight issues a year. You will find articles about kids about all ages including articles on how to teach them to be polite, independent and become more interested in education. It is especially good at suggesting crafts and ideas that teach preschool kids higher learning skills.

Parents magazine is one of the most famous in the United States. It offers 24 issues a year along with tips, sure-fire techniques and great advice from America's foremost childcare experts.

Parenting Magazine is another mainstay in the United States. It puts out 22 issues a year and helps you raise loving, intelligent and confident children. Parenting is that magazine that you see in every doctor's waiting office that offers advice about children's health, safety and emotional development.