More Skin Ingredients to Avoid

As promised in my last entry, here are some more skin care ingredients that you must avoid if you are going to keep you and your kids cancer free.

Stearalkonium Chloride: This is asubstance that is included in many skin and hair care products that studies have indicated is safe in the concentrations used in products of this nature.

However, additional studies have indicated that in higher concentrations, it is a known skin and eye irritant and it is also known to cause allergic reactions, particularly in those with sensitive skin. If your baby's eyes are watering, make sure this chemical is not in anything you are putting on her hair or in her skin.

Triclosan: Triclosan is regarded by the EPA as a pesticide, one that is believed to be carcinogenic for humans. It is so toxic and powerful that it is usually measured in parts per trillion, to the extent that one drop in 300 swimming pools could be sufficient to cause hormonal difficulties.

However, because it is a powerful antibacterial agent, it is used in many common household products like toothpaste, antibacterial lotions and soap. It is definitely not something that you should be washing yourself or cleaning your teeth with. Keep this mind the next time you buy that antibacterial soap.

DMDM hydantoin: DMDM hydantoin is a chemical preservative that releases formaldehyde which limits the development of microorganisms. Unfortunately, it also causes allergic reactions range from mild to severe, joint pain, rashes, depression, headache, chest pains, chronic fatigue and a loss of sleep.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient that is found in almost all household products that foam such as shampoo. It has been used in products like baby shampoo even though it is known to cause allergic reactions and damage to young eyes. This is another substance that is often included in toothpaste as well, but one that is to be avoided.

Diethanolamine (DEA): Diethanolamine is another chemical to be found in foaming products that is known to be a skin irritant.

In fact, because they are known to cause hormonal problems and to be carcinogenic, diethanolamine (and the ‘mono' and ‘tri' versions of the chemical) are already restricted or banned in many European countries as a result of the known risks associated with them.

These risks were highlighted on the CBS TV program ‘This morning' as long ago as 1998 when it was reported that a Federal government study had shown that DEA and detergents that contained it posed significantly increased cancer risks, particularly of kidney and liver cancer.

Mineral oil: Mineral oil is a byproduct of the processing of oil into petroleum products. When applied to the skin, mineral oil literally coats your skin with a ‘saran wrap-like' cover that completely prevents your skin from breathing.

It will clog your pores to the extent that blocked pores, spots and pimples become almost inevitable, preventing your skin from sloughing off the dead cells and getting rid of toxins.

And note that far from being as gentle and kind as you might imagine it would be, ‘Baby Oil' is almost always pure mineral oil. Be careful and read the labels!