The Snoogle Helps Pregnant Mommies

If you are pregnant you are definitely going to get what is called a Snoogle. This is a new kind of pillow that you can lie, sit or nurse on. It is one of those must have items for new moms because it can really improve the quality of your day that day existence. Being a new mom can be uncomfortable physically and this is definitely one of these items that are all set to address that.
If you are pregnant you can feel way too big and unwieldy. That big fat pot belly just gets in the way. It is hard to lie on your back or on your side. You definitely can't like on your stomach. Most of the time you feel like you can't get comfortable in bed. The result is often a very cranky and sleep deprived mom.
The Snoogle is one of these designer full length items that is designed to address the backache, the breast ache, the aching joints and all of the other little aches and pains that can be part of being pregnant, It is the ultimate luxury item and it makes an absolutely incredible baby shower gift. If you get a new mom a snoogle she will never be able to thank you enough.
This is a special kind of body pillow that addresses these problems specifically. It provides total support for the pregnant body. It is also not that expensive if you order it online. It costs about sixty bucks in total including delivery and you can get it cheap at places like the Baby Outlet. If you hunt around online you might be able to get a Snoogle at a cut rate price or discount online as well.
This unique item is like a big S and it has a big pillow at one end that you can crook under your arm and another pillow at the other end that can be put between the knees to relieve pressure on joints, the spine and the diaphragm. You can use it for sleeping, relaxing or even nursing the baby on as it is perfectly contoured to keep the heavier pregnant body as comfortable as possible.
You can also use it strictly for nursing and it is invaluable if you have one of those babies that will own nurse in an odd position. It also comes with multi-positional aids should you need them to help you breast feed in comfort as well.
The cover for the Snoogle is cotton, removable and washable. However it only comes in two colors – pink or white. You can get them online easily enough. Many offline maternity supply stores are also carrying these Snoogles as part of their stock now too. They are a specialty item however and do not seem to go on sale that often. I have also had challenges in finding the Snoogle in blue.