High End Baby Bassinets

Bassinets are the ultimate status symbol. They are not just cribs. They are highly decorated presentation spaces for your babies that nowadays go for thousands of dollars. They can be had for a pretty penny in just the right kind of designer theme.

For instance the Greta and Garbo bassinet is a forties style bassinet with a big ruffled hood and ruffled skirt that is made entirely out of a purple/pink draped silk shantung that is specially imported from Asia. An enormous perfect bow is placed at either side of the bassinet. The bassinet is also line with pillows in pink, chocolate and blue shantung silk that are also wrapped up in a big pink bow. It's a steal at about $850. The Lulu Bridge Cambridge Bassinet is a similar item in a baby aspirin type pink satin with two big bows at the side.

Equally luxurious is the Lulla Smith Vineyard in Swiss Batiste Bassinet which is made out of cotton satin and ringed with bows. It comes in snow white, pink and buttercup yellow. If you want a vintage look try the Lulla Smith Angel Bassinet which is made from many yards of mint green satin and has a big bow in a color that is an antique pink on it's prow.

One of the most luxurious bassinets in the world is the handcrafted wooden wicker bassinet by Lulla Smith that is is dressed with pure Dupioni silk and adorned with a whimsical overskirt laden with scalloped silk blossoms attached at their centers to sheer ivory silk organza and finished with an opulent oversized front bow in Dupioni Silk Blush. Silk blush is an almost lingerie flesh pink color and it is very retro looking. This beautiful bassinet will cost you about two thousand dollars once you have paid taxes on it so it really is a true luxury item for something you may likely only use for a couple of months at best.

If something that is a tuxedo style is more you style Lulla Smith also makes a thousand dollar bassinet that is made out of Duponi silk that is quite plain. This bassinet for the boy baby in your life is all white with a stripe in black at the base and two smaller stripes around the rim of the cradle. This high end baby bassinet is perfect for the little boy that is born into quite a rich family and wants to present him as a heir to the rest of the family as heir to the Dynasty!

Even More Ways to Get Baby To Sleep

As getting your newborn is such a big issue with new parents I thought I would do a bit more research on how to get your baby to sleep.

Sometimes the problem is that your baby is hearing noise that you have gotten used to a long time ago. Is there a playground across the street, construction noise or a neighbor with a loud television set? Is noise from playing children, television sets or construction keeping your child awake? Make sure the room is as quiet as possible or turn on some sort of white noise to block the annoyance out.

Try playing your baby a relaxing CD before bed. There are all kinds of these on the market including ones that play nature sounds, classical music and lullabies. There are even specific compilations on the market that are meant to make your baby smarter or more creative while they sleep. This is called the Mozart effect.

Make sure your baby is not suffering from anxiety or stress. Infant sleep experts have a saying 'a baby who has had a happy day will have a restful night.' Babies suffer from stress that they can relive again just before they go to sleep just like adults do.

If your baby suffers from separation anxiety then try leaving an article of clothing that smells like you in the crib. This may calm the baby enough so that it is capable of sleeping more soundly.

Is your baby napping too much during the day? Consider removing a nap in order to ensure your baby's sleepiness later at night. For instance if your baby is having two naps try shortening it to one.

Take the baby to bed with you. Some babies sleep best in their own crib in their own room, some sleep better in their own bassinet or crib in the parents’ bedroom, other babies sleep best snuggled right next to mommy in the parents’ bed.

Develop a nighttime routine that is the same for every bedtime. This prepares your baby psychologically for the idea that it is time to go to sleep.

Make sure that your baby goes to bed at the same time every night and wakes up at the same time every night. Consistency is key to helping your baby get a good night's rest.
Is teething pain keeping your child awake? Give appropriate doses of acetaminophen (as recommended by a doctor) just before putting your baby to sleep and again in four hours if baby awakens.

Feed your baby at least every three hours during the day to cluster the baby’s feedings during the waking hours. Upon baby’s first night waking, attempt a full feeding, otherwise some babies, especially.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you get some shuteye.