Silly Accessories for Kids

Kids are like adults. They like to get a little silly now and then.

One fad that has been around since 2008 and seems here to stay are the Silly Bandsz bracelets. These are rubber bands made from silicone rubber. Kids like to trade them and often they wear several as once. Rubber bracelets like Silly Bandsz are not a bad idea for kids because they do not contain the lead or cadmium that a lot of kid's jeweler does.

Another trend is Krazy Korker bows. These are bows that consist of several fabric corkscrews. They make your baby look like he or she has two big bows on her head. They come in nice wild colors like pink and lime or black and pink.

Hair clips are also looking pretty silly these days. Kids love the ones made out of ribbon that look like Elmo, the Cookie Monster and Big Bird. Hair clips in general can help a little girl make a fashion statement. Some of the most popular styles are little pink fuzzy bears, shiny plastic granny smith apples, black and pink 'Punk Rock Princess' crowns and flowers, and the Posh People style which has butterflies, flowers and skulls.

Little girls love the punk look. Why not cinch in their waists with a cute little leather belt imprinted with studs in the shape of metal daisies. You can also get all kinds of fingerless gloves nowadays, many of them with imprints of skulls and bones on them.

Little kids and babies also look cool in baby fishnet tights or tights that have a leopard or zebra print.

The coolest accessories for babies and toddlers are boots that look like Uggs! Black is a trendy color in these furry flat boots. Black Aspen makes a pair of black Ugg style boots with little pink ribbons in them.

Every cool baby is also wearing a bib. The coolest of bibs lately have images of glam rock or punk rock stars. Kidsink makes one with a picture of David Bowe on it.

Everyone knows kids should drink lots of water nowadays. That is why it is a nice idea to get your own kid a little metal water bottle. The company kidbasix makes a really nice with rubber grips, plastic cap and metal body.

It is also a good idea to put sunglasses on your kid as early as possible in life. This prevents their young eyes from being damaged by U.V. rays and causing blindness!