Even More Ethical Products for Kids

The idea of buying ethical toys and products for our kids is so important that I thought I would do one more blog about some of the products I have found that help save the environment.

One interesting item I found that is also a great gift for the adult in your life is a yo yo created from sustainable harvested wood. The yo yo is made from two sliced coins of wood with the bark left on it and everything.

One of the cutest of eco-friendly kid's toys I have run across is a stuffed Earth globe. These are made by a company called Hugg-A-Planet and they help little one's learn about how to read a map. The plush toy is made out of 100% recycled materials.

If you and your kids like chocolate you might want to buy Eco-Friendly Candy. You can buy sustainable, fair trade eating chocolate from companies like Eco-Choco. However when you do buy this slightly pricier chocolate remember that you are supporting environmentally friendly practices and the protection of wild-life in the forests of Brazil.

Another cute eco-toy is the Wheel and Seal umbrella. This is an umbrella with a sponge seal with happy faces embedded on it. When it is wet you can drag it through a puddle and the printed rolls with leave a detailed design behind them.

Do you want to help another mom in the world? Now you can buy prenatal vitamins that have a one-for-one program that benefits moms in disadvantaged countries. The vitamin company that is known for this is Build Nutrition. This company, founded in 2010, donates one bottle of prenatal vitamins to a woman in need for every body you buy and then keeps replacing the vitaminms during the length of her pregnancy. Furthermore the vitamin bottles themselves can be reused and recycled. The vitamins themselves consist of a physician formulated blend of 17 ingredients that are crucial to the healthy growth of a baby.

Josh Rubin and Gabriel D'Amico-Mazza are the brilliant visionaries behind Build Nutrition. Their aim is to bridge the gap between non-profits and for-profits by offering a socially innovative product that gives just as much as it sells. There are 30 million undernourished babies are born each year and 190 million children have poor vision due to a vitamin A deficiency. The true eco-product for moms is one that keeps on giving to those less fortunate than you!