Buying Adidas Again

If you are a mom like me then you are always on the run. This is why I have started to get really particular about my running shoes. 

Yet another reason that I am starting to get particular about my running shoes is because I am getting older. This means that my foot and my arch needs more support or I am going to start getting Charlie Horses in the back of my legs. If you are getting leg cramps then try wearing a pair of Adidas. This might seem like you are going back in time to high school at first but trust me, your feet will thank you later. Who cares if the neighbors don't think you are cool wearing them!   Your kids sure will! 

There are two very hot trends when it comes to Adidas Shoes for women. One is the retro styling from the 70s and 80s and the other is the running shoe with the foldable sole.   The foldable sole thing is pretty amazing. When it comes to shoes that you can squish up and stuff in a gym bag, the Adidas Daroga Mesh is probably the most flexible yet durable athletic shoe ever made.  Aside from the usual black, red and white these shoes are also offered in a girly pink and are reasonably priced at around seventy books. They are also a good option if you have a daughter who is athletic or who is taking dance classes and needs to cart around a lightweight shoe. 

Adidas has also recently released the Comptown style.  This casual walking  shoe (that can also be worn for sports), is inspired by the 80s basketball shoe which came in pink and brown and gray and brown.  The most recent edition is upgraded with suede upper.  These are super comfortable but I warn you don't spill anything on them.  As they are suede like they can be hard to clean.  They go for about seventy bucks. 

Another retro style is the Adidas Originals Specialz. A retro of seventies hand-ball shoe that comes in wild colors such as orange and raspberry it sells for seventy bucks.  The colors are not that mature but if you wear them your toddlers will love you for being so vibrant.  They are the perfect pair of shoes to embarrass your kids with if their friends see you at the mall with them on.

Another very popular model is the Mei Adida, which is suede Yoga shoe. This shoe is lightweight and has no laces. It is available in coffee, burgundy, grey or black.  These versatile and minimalist shoes are available for about seventy bucks and look good with almost everything. I wear them around the house all the time. They are super delicate and contemporary looking and people can hardly believe it when I tell them they are made by that old running shoe company called Adidas. They look more haute couture than that for sure

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