Should Your Little Girl Wear High Heel Shoes Like Suri Cruise?

There has been trends among celebrities for them to allow their little girls to wear high heel shoes. The biggest star of this sort of style is little Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise, who struts around in gold lame two inch heels. She also has a silver beaded pair of two inch mules that she has been seen wearing in several photos. Is this something you should let your daughter do as well?

It's actually pretty hard to find a shoe with a high heel of any kind for a girl six years or younger. Nina makes a glossy pair of high patent leather boots with pointy toes for toddlers. Some of the cowboy boots made for toddlers also have quite a high heel. A company called Mootsie's is making little plastic and lame dress shoes for toddlers with a wide but quite high squared off court heel.

Believe it or not you can buy high heels for babies to wear. A company named Heelarious makes soft crib shoes that have a soft high heel and that are bright red. They have a cheetah pattern lining. These look like cartoon high shoes and the good news is that they are not going to hurt an innocent child's back. You can also get them in a leopard print, pink vinyl, black vinyl (to look like patent leather.)

If you don't want your child to wear high heel shoes but you want to gratify her fascination with them you can always get her a little gold or silver charm that looks like a high-heel. A lot of jewelry companies are also making high heels that are made out of ceramic. A company made TaiToolli makes a high heel shoe charm on a necklace that looks like fake pave diamonds.

You can also buy glycerin soap in the shape of sexy high heels. Peppermint pink Cinderella shoe soap is available at Etsy which makes a lot of fun stuff for little girls and older women who are young at heart.

Little Posh Bebe is onto the trend and makes a little T-Shirt featuring a Zebra-striped pump with a real pink ribbon on it. The T-Shirt is paired with a set of Zebra striped flat shoes with pink velvet ribbons and an inside pink lining. This way your little girl can have the style without risking injuring her back as celebrity kid Suri Cruise is by wearing high heels while her spine is still developing.

Really Nice Jewelry for Little Girls

If there is one thing that a mom and daughter have in common it is a real love for jewelry. You cant go wrong with just a little freshwater pearl necklace or bracelet but there are all sorts of clever and interesting styles of jewelry out there that looks very elegant and fun on tiny females. You can get beautiful little bracelets made of pearls with little charms hanging off of them.

This winter a popular necklace has been the snowball necklace. This is a sterling silver link chain interspersed with crystals on every link. The pendant is a big irregular freshwater pearl that looks like a snowball.

A little ring is also welcome in your baby girls life. Get one with an adjustable back so she can wear it as she grows. A popular style is the one made out of silver that looks like knobby silver rose bud.

One really nice thing to do is get your daughter any kind of piece of jewelry with her initial on it. This could be as simple as a couple of Capital letters dangling from each ear or from a chain or a link of pearls. Six Sisters makes a nice pair of earrings like this in copper which is a nice metal for children because it is not as obtrusive as gold or silver. Copper also belongs to the Goddess Venus which makes it a metal of love. You can also get little heart necklaces with your daughters first name initial stamped out in the center.

A 2012 trend in necklaces for kids jeweler is ceramic jewelry that is in the shape of a square. They hang from sterling silver chains. They usually sport cryptic messages such as 'I am cute as a cupcake' with an image of cupcake or similar feel good message.

Kids also look beautiful in tiny little earrings that are made of ceramic or paste and that look like little flowers. Popular in the stores are little dangle earrings that look like daisies. You can also get little roses and peach flowers in beautiful coral and pink colors that are studs for the ears. Little tropical flowers made in paste all look beautiful on little ears.

A really interesting new bracelet is called the Tooth Fairy bracelet. The bracelet comes with silver and turquoise beads and a set of pearls. Hanging from a chain is a turquoise hand-crafted angel. When your daughter loses a tooth it is placed on top of the angel in the middle of the night. In the morning a tear drop shaped pearl is added to the bracelet.