Pththalate Free Little Forest Products

If you are worried about he Pththalate that is in plastic bottles then you do not have to fear it from Little Forest Products. This is a company that has created a line of botanical based products including shampoo, a daily botanicals lotion and therapeutic shampoo for babies with sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. All of the products are made from pleasant smelling botanicals that are 100% organic.

I find that using organic products is best for my baby simply because you never know what has been sprayed on an herb that has not been grown organically. The last thing I want to do is rub pesticide on my baby's skin accidentally. The notion that I could be accidentally doing this absolutely sickens me, yet I guess that is the darkness that we work in every time we buy a bottle of something that is not labeled organic or phthalate free.

The idea that this company has put together products that combat the condition of eczema will be of some note to some moms who have little ones with a chronic case of inflammation. Eczema can turn up in all kinds of nasty places on a baby including on the arms, legs and of course on the baby's rear. We know this as diaper rash.

The most exciting thing that this company has done lately is developing a line of products for the great outdoors. A Baby Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is available and it is free of artificial colors and fragrances and is also water resistant. An SPF of 30 is harder to get baby, especially organic ones.

The company also makes a mineral resistant formula that can be put on the face, lips and nose of the is a stronger physical block and can help protect your baby's sensitive new skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Your baby can be painted all up like a circus clown with this stuff.

The line of outdoor products is topped of with a Bug Block that is DEET free and a Soothing Cooler gel that helps provide relief to sunburned baby skin. These products are very expensive, at over fifteen dollars per four ounces or so from this company but worth it because they are so high quality.

Of course the big thing is that this line of products for babies does not come in bottles that are tainted with the cancer causing phthalate in the plastic. This can't be said of all companies who make organic products for babies. I have always wondered what the point is of packaging all of this organic stuff in bottles only to organic too is because the companies that tend to make them, like Little Forest, tend to just be more conscientious about their packaging in general.

Natural Oil Insect Repellent

If you have concerns about mosquito bites and mosquito borne diseases like the West Nile Virus then you are probably considering using a chemical based insect repellent. These insect repellants contain the chemical DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide). 

However you don't absolutely have to resort to using this type of insect repellent if you don't want to or if you are concerned that your kids might be developing environmental sensitivities as a result.  Try making your own insect repellent out of natural essential oils. T

here are several essential oils that can be used as insect repellents. Clove oil and citronella also known as (rose geranium) are the most effective against mosquitoes.  However you need to use clove oil carefully and sparsely as it can irritate delicate skin.

Other essential oils that can be used as insect repellents include peppermint, castor oil, lemon grass, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, cedar and lavender. You can buy cedar oil in spray-on bottles at your local pet store for spraying on furniture and pets to keep them away. Both citronella and garlic oil are supposed to be the most effective for keeping bugs away. Unfortunately garlic oil really smells awful so it is not used in these preparations. When using essential oils be sure to store them safely away.  They come in blue and brown bottles that kids might find attractive. These oils must not be used internally. They are only effective when used on garments, skins or furniture.

You should not apply the oils directly onto your pet as that is toxic. If you are worried about an allergic reaction you can test the oil on a small patch of your skin or your child's skin to see what happens before you make the decision to use it widely on your body. You can make your own insect repellant sprays by combining rubbing alcohol (or witch hazel, vodka, or olive oil) any of ht essential oils listed in this blog. The ratios should be about ten drops of alcohol to one drop of essential oil. Be sure to shake this homemade concoction well before each use. 

You can also concoct your own lotion out of two ounces olive oil, two ounces distilled water and about 120 drops of essential oil. You put the water in a bowl and using a wire whip beat the olive oil into it.  After the oil is mixed thoroughly with the distilled water stir in your choice of essential oil. You can also add a few drops of your choice of insect- repelling essential oils to your shampoo or liquid soap for added protection.  Keep in mind that on hot days that these oils will evaporate fast so you will need to apply it more often then a chemical DEET based insect repellent. Sweat, rain, wind and jumping into a pool for a swim can also emanate the protective essential oil from your skin.