If You Have Lost A Child

If you have lost a child there are several books that you can buy that can help you navigate the grieving process. Losing a child is one of the most difficult experiences that any human being will ever face so you need all the support you can get in order to not be overwhelmed by the pain.
One good book is 'Don' t Take My Grief Away' by Doug Manning. This understanding author talks about how letting go of grief, anger and resentment makes us feel like we are letting go of the child. This book also reinforces the idea that we all need to recover from these experiences in our own time and that they cannot be forced.
If you feel that you are somehow responsible for the child's death as would be the case if there was some kind of home accident then you need a book that tells you how to deal with grief that is mixed with guilt. A good self help book for this matter is 'Forgiving God' by Carla Killough McClafferty. This is by a woman who has been there and it is extremely cathartic and comforting for those who need an emotional release.
Another great book is 'Gone But Not Lost' by David W. Weirsbe. This book teaches you to be patient with your spouse. Many marriages split up after the death of a child and it is just not necessary if the two of you can understand that you may be grieving for the loss in different ways and at different rates.
A similar book is called 'Five Cries of Grief' by Merton P. Strommen. It is the journal of both a father and a mother writing about the loss of their son. It reveals the difference between how men and women deal with loss psychologically.
Another sweet and comforting book on the topic is 'Roses In Heaven.' This is by a mother who has lost three children named Marilyn Willett Heavilin. Whether your child was an infant, a stillborn, or an adult at the time of death, this book will help you manage with your loss. Roses in December investigate your emotions and assist the reader in dealing with anger, sadness, depression, and other aspects of grief. This is a must read book for anyone who has ever lost a child, or knows someone who has.
These are also good books to give anyone who has lost a child and who you perceive is having a very hard time. It is better than giving them a pep talk as most bereaved parents feel hurt because it seems that you do not understand their sadness. Giving the person a blank journal into which to write down their thoughts is also a very good idea. In fact writing in journal every day is what most of the authors mentioned in this blog suggest as an outlet for expressing grief.