Bath Blossoms

Bath blossoms have been around a while and basically they are flower petals that are put in a giant muslin bag, like an oversized tea bag. They are used to perfume water and also make it more healing and therapeutic.

The idea of bathing in blossoms in order to deodorize or heal oneself is as old as mankind. Cleopatra had rose petals sprinkled in her bath along with milk. The Romans also sprinkled petals in their bath. The Victorians scented their bath water with all kinds of herbs and blossoms and also the peels of fruit.

I have always loved bathing in petals when I am at an expensive spa and I was pleased to find out that a very innovative company is now putting out flower petals.

Angel Baby Bath Blossoms is it when it comes to finding the ultimate when it comes to buy a cleansing yet aromatic treat for you and your baby. This is an actual bath in a packet that contains flower blossoms and you can find it at a company online called Earth Mama Angel Baby.

This is an organic herbal blend that is meant to calm down and comfort upset infant. It is made with the petals of calendula, chamolile, rosebuds and lavender as well as with organic lemon balm and organic oatmeal. Both chamolile and lavender are herbs that are known for soothing nervous tummies and settling down the nervous system. Babies love the scent and so do moms and some babies will play with any loose petals in the bath water or the muslin bag.

In addition — organic oatmeal would be very relaxing and soothing to the skin. If your baby has diaper rash or eczema the oatmeal would help cool down the inflammation that might b causing great discomfort.

Of course this indulgence is not just for babies. Moms will really enjoy taking a bath in these blossoms, which are packaged in a muslin bag. The idea is that you can or loop it so it is under the bathtub faucet and fill yourself a bath. If your child is very young you can dip the muslin bag full of petals in a bath. Be sure to always test the water when you put this type of bag into a baby's bath.

It is probably not a good idea to just pick petals out of your garden and throw them in a baby bath unless you are 100% sure that they are organic and that there is no pesticide on them. However even if the flowers are organic they could have bugs or dirt on them that might have viruses or other things that are not good for baby on them. That is why when it comes to something like blossoms for the bath I do recommend buying them from a reputable company like Earth Mama, which specializes, in organic products for babies.