Tips for Taking Your Baby Home

Once you arrive home from the hospital with your bundle of joy you will find yourself facing a whole new set of responsibilities. Babies are not always easy so don't be surprised if your nerves are rattled during the first few days.
Also it is not uncommon for newborns to be really fussy. If that happens it is usually due to a stomach upset. One naturally soothing remedy is called gripe water. It is available at health food stores. Of course you should consult with your paediatrician before using anything like this.
Your baby will also need a pacifier. Don't rely on the pacifier to always comfort your baby. If the baby is rooting around with is or her mouth he or she is truly hungry. You can also use a swaddling blanked to comfort a baby that is fussy as well.
Screaming during diaper changes is also very common and incredibly hard on the nerves. You can remedy this by placing a hair dryer under the changing table and turning it on during changes. The baby will be soothed by the constant humming sound of the hair dryer. Buy a low EMF hair dryer to reduce the chances of your baby being exposed to electromagnetic waves.
Finding nursing poses that work well for you and your baby are among the top priorities of things to do when you first take your baby home. The best way to figure this out is to just try to relax. If you are all stressed about nursing your baby is going to sense it.
You could be irritable and you need to prepare friends and family for that. You could have cracked or sore nipples and sleep deprivation is also a factor. Coco butter, she butter and mango butter can help soothe the sore breasts. You can easily ease the stresses of nursing through use of essential oils, herbal and sitz baths. Soothing music played while you rock the baby also helps. It is only a matter of finding the rythm that most soothes you both. When you do find that rythm nursing will no longer be an obligation but a sheer joy.
The other great thing about nursing is that it can really help you lose that baby weight. Nursing is mother nature's weight loss plan. You can lose about 500 calories a day.
If you are sore from delivery don't be shy about getting a postnatal massage to help deal with the bodily trauma of dealing with birth.
Orienting family and friends to your new condition is also a priority. It may take some time to get your body and mind back into shape and let them know that. You may be disappointing a few expectations but that is their tough luck. After childbirth you need time for yourself and your baby.
Be sure to take advantage of the kindness of family and friends at this time as well. If they ask you if there is anything they can do to help, tell them that there is…give them their marching orders!