Herbs That Help Tired Mommies

Are you a tired mother? Being chronically tired is widespread in the United States and the symptoms include aching muscles and joints, anxiety depression, difficulty concentrating, fever, headaches, mood swings, muscle spasm, respiratory tract infections, sensitivity to light and heat, sleep disturbances, memory loss and most of all – complete and total fatigue. 


Whether you have ordinary or chronic fatigue the following herbs may help.


·        Astralagus – Helps cope with the flu like symptoms

·        Burdock – Drinking a tea made from this root can help combat viruses and bacteria as well as cleanse the blood

·        Dandelion – Helps cleanse the blood and the liver so that you feel more active

·        Echinacea – Enhances the immune system and cleans up viruses and bacteria that may be complicating your situation

·        Gingko Biloba – Improves circulation and brain function

·        Golden Seal – Helps combat viral and bacterial infections.

·        Licorice Root – Take in capsule form for four or five days in a row every three weeks. This root helps support the endocrine system

·        Milk Thistle – Helps protect the liver from infections and toxic overload

·        Pau d'arco – Is good for treating candida infection

·        Red Clover – Acts as an antibiotic and blood purifier

·        St. Johnswort  — Has antiviral properties

·        Valerian Root – Helps improve the quality of your sleep so you can feel healed and more restored.

·        Skullcap

– Helps sleep and is useful for the treatment of headaches associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Keep in mind that most chronic fatigue sufferers are sensitive to alcohol and could suffer a reaction if these take herbs in a tincture. Opt for the non-alocholic tinctures instead.


Not to be confused with Chronic Fatigue, ordinary fatigue is a symptom. Most illnesses, from the common cold to cancer are accompanied by fatigue.


If you are experiencing fatigue it is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Most illnesses from the common cold to cancer are accompanied by fatigue. It is often the earliest symptom of health problems such as diabetes, anemia, cancer, hypoglycemia, allergies, hypothyroidism, poor circulation and mononucleosis so you need to see a doctor if it persists.

Herbs that can help with fatigue are:


Acacia – Assists with clearing up intestinal conditions that may be the cause of the fatigue such as parasites and bacteria that could make a person feel sluggish.


Gingko Biloba Extract – A high potency extract can help speed up circulation in the brain and support mental processes


Gotu Kola – This is a stimulant sold in capsule or drink form that has much the same effect as the caffeine in coffee. It acts on the central nervous system and improves reaction time, reflexes and thinking speed.


Guarana – This is a stimulant that helps prevent drowsiness and gives an overall feeling of well-being and energy. It is an ingredient in many sports drink.


Siberian Ginseng – Provides an overall feeling of well-being as well as increases stamina, focus, concentration and energy.  Warning – Do not take this herb if you have hypoglycemia, high blood pressure or a heart disorder!